Corrupt Hypnotherapy – Forever Beta
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Corrupt Hypnotherapy – Forever Beta



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37 minutes


Tricked Into Deepening Submissive Urges

So you think you want to be an Alpha male… Ha!  We’ll see about that!

In my office, I’m going to take you down so deep, reprogram your entire mind, and send you out more submissive than ever before!  You’ll simply forget that you ever considered wanting to be an Alpha male!  What a preposterous idea!

This mix of fantasy and brainwashing will turn you into a beta male forever!


  • Secondary ASMR/Whisper background tracks carefully written & performed
  • Delta Brainwaves:  Yes
  • Gender Specific:  Male
  • Triggers Used:  DEEP, Down used very subtly/conversation style
  • Mistress Amethyst Worship Commands:  No
  • Amnesia Suggestions:  Mild
  • Fractionation:  No
  • Humiliation:  No
  • Cum Command:  No
  • Awakening Command:  Yes
  • Suggestions To Buy More From Mistress:  No
  • Themes:  Femdom hypnosis;  female supremacy, submissive training, brainwashing
  • 37 Minutes

Erotic Hypnosis & FemDom Hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst of Copyright 2018

DISCLAIMER:  As with any hypnosis session, results vary.  For entertainment purposes only. By purchasing or indulging in this product on or off of this site, you consent fully to any physical or mental consequences that may result from experiencing the content within the product, and expressively waive any claims or complaints that you may have as a result thereof. You fully acknowledge and consent that you will only do things that you desire to do of your own free will and choosing, and that I have no power to force or make you do anything that you do not wish to do. This product may contain binaural tones which may be unsuitable for some people, such as those who suffer from epileptic seizures. Seek medical advice before indulging and discontinue use if you experience any negative consequences.  Only listen to this file while in a safe environment, preferably  lying down.  NEVER listen while operating machinery of any kind.



  1. Rodan12

    Being dominated by a powerful woman is the role of a beta male. Mistress is the ultimate powerful woman, and surrendering to her feels so good. Pleasing and serving Mistress has become my desire, as she is clearly superior. This session will help you understand your place in Mistress world.

  2. Gregory

    A top-notch fantasy conditioning session presented as a visit to a hypnotherapist with notions of Her own for just how to improve Her client’s well-being, as well as his usefulness!
    After some brief pre-talk to set the stage for the fantasy, Mistress weaves Her induction, guiding Her subject so deep down into trance, before beginning the *real* programming: to wipe away any desire to be more “alpha” and to instead deeply anchor and reinforce a more submissive, compliant and docile personality, in order to better please and serve Her. This is amazingly hot, both in the context of the evil hypnotherapist fantasy, and just in general, and the result is a wonderful session all around!

  3. In My Place

    Forever Beta is an important session for understanding how you can be this sort of person for Mistress Amethyst and other dominant women. It’s good to be this way and it’s ok to keep being that way 🙂

    She leads you through a very helpful explanation of why it is that you feel this way and lead you deeper into understanding that this is what is best for you!

  4. Amethystsubntn

    Forever beta is a deep powerful and fun file. Seems like there were multiple inductions and of course she takes you very deep. Anytime you want to deepen your sense of submission, this has got to be one of the first files to reach for.

  5. David

    After four years this file still devastates me, sending me to the depths of submission, desperate to please my dominant, superior Mistress. She puts me in my place and I accept and agree with everything she tells me. I would do anything to please her so that she will notice me. The pleasure of submission to her superiority is delicious.

  6. Tony

    Thank you, Mistress Amethyst, for the treatment you have given me through this session. You have helped me to achieve my goal of being more submissive and therefore more pleasing to women. For a very brief moment, I wondered if I’d actually come to you for help in becoming more masculine and in being better at making my own decisions, rather than always doing what women tell me to do. But I quickly realized that this could never have been true. Any lingering thought that I might want to be an alpha male is gone and will never return. Your programming has firmly put me where I need, and have always wanted, to be. You have made me soft, sweet, quiet, gentle and modest. You have bent my will so that I always obey my superiors. I like it this way. It feels right and comfortable to surrender to dominant women. I enjoy the feeling it gives me of being weak and powerless. Thank you once again. Your treatment is always so effective and experiencing it is such a pleasure. You have molded my identity and I have never felt so at home with who I am. With your help I am now, and always will be, forever beta.

  7. The Darted Rhino

    Conversational intro that leads into a double countdown. As you drop into a submissive state, it is unclear what happens next. Mistress Amethyst is very powerful when she wants to send you deep into a state of trance. From what I can tell, my therapist (Mistress) begins programming her subject (you). It’s a blissful mind melting state. I never try to fight it.

  8. Kevin (verified owner)

    Forever Beta is an interesting file. It is hybrid, part roleplay hypnosis and part submissive training. In this you play the part of an Alpha male, A strong and virile example of the species that has an unfortunate flaw. You lose your self-control and feel flashes of submission when faced with a dominant woman. Oh, the horror, oh the humanity! Seeking to remove this blight on your masculinity you have sought out a hypnotherapist in order to clear this affliction! (Reviewers note, I had to suspend my disbelief at the begging as I don’t consider submission to Mistress Amethyst to be a bad thing)

    This is where Mistress Amethyst comes in. She plays the part of the hypnotherapist. She uses the into of the file to set the above scene. With this done she starts to guide you down into a trance. The induction is a conversations style. I remember use of the deep, fade, and down triggers worked into the conversation in what I feel is a bit subtler that her usual use of these triggers. I remember there was a countdown at some point. It’s pretty hazy post trance.

    Then when she has you deep, the ‘evil’ hypnotist puts her devious plan into motion by programming you to embrace your submission as a beta rather to reinforce the idea of being an alpha. This is where the submission training comes into play. This is even more hazy than the induction for me. I remember that I was hearing her voice and listening to her program my mind, but I can’t clearly remember anything. Well anything other then my cat crawling on top of me, getting comfy and shoving her butt in my face. My next clear memory is hearing Mistress’ awaking command.

    In conclusion, it works as a hybrid file and is consistent all the way through with the scenario set up. What little I remember of the programming was very good. It works as a submissive training trance and those who would like a little role play to spice things up will enjoy it more. As with most of her files it will be better if you have trained your mind first with Deep Down, Pliable mind and Fade out.

  9. papaza2002

    This session is very powerful! After waking up I just HAD to drop to my knees and chant Mistress’s name. The scenerio feels very real a professional, making me wonder how many hidden triggers are installed in Mistress Amethyst’s unsuspecting former clients 😉 waiting to be triggered. If this is how it feels by audio, I can’t imagine any option of resistance in real life. Thank you for training us to obey Mistress Amethyst.

  10. blank

    Mistress Amethyst has several sessions that are “fantasy” sessions, but they can also serve as wonderful inspirations and illustrations of how to better serve Her and become more deeply and easily brainwashed. they’re like fairy tales that teach a moral or a lesson, and the lesson of “Forever Beta” is that you’ll be _so_ much happier when you submit and obey and follow those submissive impulses that brought you here in the first place. trust those impulses and be a better beta! thank You for another wonderful lesson-wrapped-in-fantasy, Mistress Amethyst!

  11. David

    I find this to be one of Mistress Amethyst’s most powerful files. She gently takes me down into deep trance in the first half of the file. In the second half she whispers her commands about my being weak and submissive, and how she is turning me into a beta male. I am helplessly enchanted by her words and I surrender to her completely — totally beta.

  12. Dreamer

    I thought that it would be an interesting experiment to observe what effect that repeated listening to “forever Beta” would have on me, if any. Now I find that I take great pleasure in kissing and massaging my wife’s toes and feet. I now agree that my primary goal in life is to serve her and all women. She is far superior to me , and I look forward to doing whatever I can to please her. I often listen to the recording to keep me fully aware that I am inferior to women, and my aim must be to please and to serve. I now enjoy being a Beta male- forever

  13. Voyager (verified owner)

    Peace. End of conflict. That’s what this hypnosis has given after one time listening.
    I have felt conflicted for my adult life, between descriptions of ‘Being a man” and enjoying serving. I am not someone that does well with relationships over the long term, but when serving it’s different. This hypnosis brings peace to the question of which kind of man am I and what I want. I am now beta and enjoy it. Not everyone has to be the driver of the bus. I will enjoy making the driver happy.

  14. jpnero (verified owner)

    Fascinating, the idea, the hypnosis. And finally, the fulfillment of all dreams. Forever beta male, since I can not resist such a title of course, I’ll stay forever beta male. for Mistress Amethyst. The therapist did a good job.

  15. David

    It is as if Mistress Amethyst knows me and she wrote this file especially for me. It is as if she wrote me my own private, personal file.
    Everything Mistress says in this recording applies to me. She tells me how submissive I am to women, how I find women superior to me and how I need to please women. She tells me that I’ve always felt this way and that women enjoy men who are weak and submissive. She tells me about the pleasure I feel being submissive and subservient to women and about the pleasure I get from serving them. There is nothing in this file that doesn’t apply to me.
    Mistress Amethyst always produces recordings of the highest quality and effectiveness. She is a powerful hypnotist and has an uncanny way of reaching into the mind of a submissive male. She inspires total submission, obedience and devotion in her subjects.
    I surrender to Mistress Amethyst’s control because she is a powerful, beautiful, dominant woman and it is my place to serve a woman such as she. This is the only for way a weak boy such as myself to be.

  16. Jean-Claude

    I feel very exciting listening the words of Mistress Amethyst when she says the truth about myself and to be programmed as an obedient and servant to women for the rest of my life, each of her words brings me a truth about my real nature.
    Oh yes I am a beta male and so good I feel when a woman is pleased of me.
    This session is bliss and I not consider it’s degrading for me to be submissive and servant to woman.

  17. Pathetic Loser (verified owner)

    Forever Beta is another fantastic recording by Mistress Amethyst. I can’t remember it all, because it’s designed that way lol but i can still tell it’s fantastic in concept, design and execution. The quality, as always, is outstanding.

    i have purchased personalized recordings and custom recordings and i like this Forever Beta non personalized, non custom recording as much as i like any of the recordings i have. It’s that good.

    It doesn’t matter what your submissive interests are, or what your personality is like, this is a non specific recording that will enhance whatever your personal submissive likes and goals are and it will make you feel great while it helps you to be a better submissive.

    A must have for everyone!

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