Cuckboy – Initiation

Cuckboy – Initiation


Sensual Cuckold FemDom Erotic Hypnosis training.  Surrender to your desire to share your Hot Mistress with a sex slave & come alive with sexual submission

35 minutes


Sensual FemDom Cuckold Fantasy Hypnosis Training Series

I know you’ve been searching for seductive cuckold fantasy hypnosis, without all the humiliation, degradation, and feelings of inadequacy.   With Mistress Amethyst, you will feel alive with sexual submission and experience the intimate pleasure of sharing your Mistress.

In Cuckboy – Initiation, we will begin the process of training you to share your Mistress with another slave.  I will have you watch, in vivid detail, as I allow another slave to be my sex toy.  I will seductively taunt you with all the details of what I’m feeling and all the pleasure my sex slave is giving me.  Mmm, that turns you on, doesn’t it?

Watching me experience pleasure gives you so much pleasure, doesn’t it my boy?  The thought of your Mistress’ pleasure excites you in a very special, erotic way! It makes you rock hard.  And just think, my boy, the fun is only just beginning.  I have so much cuckolding fun in store for you.  Yum.


  • Induction – Using some “Deep”, “Down” verbiage
  • 10-1 Countdown
  • Multi voice track programming / Layered voice tracks
  • Sensual Cuckold – no humiliation;  no degradation
  • Audio Porn;  Simulated Orgasm
  • Cum Command:  Yes – through JOI
  • Fetish:  hotwife, cuckold, sharing, voyeur
  • 35 Minutes

Erotic Hypnosis & FemDom Hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst of Copyright 2015. 


  1. slave j (verified owner)

    Wow! Cuckboy Initiation is so very steamy and hot and sexy. Mistress Amethyst makes it all seem and sound so real that I could imagine everything perfectly. Her voice is incredible, perfectly so. She is soothing and calm one minute to relax the listener into trance and the next is so vivid and lusty. I don’t think anyone could do a better Cuckboy audio.

    Its the sort of session that reaches deep into my submissive core and really resonates with me. I can’t wait to get a chance to listen to the next Cuckboy recordings.

  2. Tized

    Under the loving care of my amazing Mistress Amethyst my hypnofetish has developed into a Mistress fetish, by which I mean my ever-growing desire to want what my Mistress wants. So, if I happen to learn about a particular kink that She enjoys I’m instantly more than willing to learn to embrace it myself. I’m just submissive like that – for Her.

    Knowing that Mistress Amethyst is into cuckolding (among a LOT of other fun kinks) I got Cuckboy Initiation in order to see what this fetish that I hadn’t really been giving a lot of thought was all about. Also knowing that it’s always, ALWAYS, safe to trust and fall under Mistress’ hypnosis it’s just fantastic that you can easily try out all kinds of new things with Her. I really do feel loved and cared for under Her spell.

    I could go into the specifics of the file but since other reviewers have already wonderfully described the journey I’ll just say this: I love being my Mistress’ eager cuckboy now. So much so that I also got the fantastic sequel Cuckboy Participation which obviously takes things a little further, and which I’m going to review on another occasion.

    As a mentally and sexually liberated submissive (thanks to Mistress Amethyst) there are SO many pleasures in the world that Mistress has taught me to enjoy. If you’re curious about cuckolding, or any other kink for that matter, there’s no better place to go to experiment than the safety of Mistress Amethyst.

  3. origamisoldier (verified owner)

    Cuckboy: Initiation helped me to understand the type of cuckboy that I am (if it even qualifies as a cuckboy). I am what I call a spiritual cuckboy (as opposed to a physical cuckboy). By that I mean that it definitely arouses me when Mistress Amethyst receives pleasure (regardless of who does it), but I don’t fantasize about watching others do it, nor do I get aroused at the thought of being in the same room. I love hearing about how much her subs or boyfriends please her, but I don’t really long to join them as a spectator. It’s just not something I’m really into. I’m just into Mistress Amethyst receiving pleasure in whatever way that happens. Frankly, I think a lot of her subs are like this as well because of how tight-knit the community around her is. We really enjoy working together to please Mistress Amethyst.

    That said, I did still enjoy myself more than I thought. Just like her other sessions for fetishes I was uncertain about, I felt safe and loved as I explored something new. Mistress Amethyst really eases you into the topic, and reinforces how being a cuckboy does not make you any less important than the sub directly pleasing her. Before taking you into the cuckhold experience, she asks a series of questions. The questions are actually open ended (Mistress Amethyst does not provide the “correct” answers or command you to say yes), and I actually felt comfortable to say no to some of them. These questions really helped me to understand what I explained above. When the cuckholding starts, Mistress makes sure to distinguish who she is speaking to because she speaks to both of you pretty much equally. You really feel like you are an important part of her pleasure. She truly receives it from both of you. The fantasy is very vivid and Mistress’ reactions are intense. All throughout the experience, Mistress Amethyst guides you to touch yourself, and draws your attention to certain things that are happening in front of you. She teases a bit as well, but it’s always done with the loving touch I’ve come to expect from her. The JOI is especially interesting because it happens when Mistress Amethyst is fully focused on you. As you stroke for her she encourages you in your cuckhold desires and reiterates how horny it makes her to know you are enjoying this experience.

    While I did find with this session that I’m not really into this fetish, I truly did enjoy the experience and what I learned from it. I recommend you give this session a try even if you’re like me because with Amethyst there’s a real feeling of safety and love. I’m so glad to see Mistress Amethyst take on the fetish of cuckhold in a way that I don’t really think others have approached it. If you have been curious about cuckholding, but are turned off by all of the humiliation it is often associated with, then the place to start is here. Mistress Amethyst’s sensual cuckhold style is definitely the best way to introduce yourself to this fetish. Even if you are already into cuckholding, I think you may be interested to experience it in a slightly different perspective. I think Mistress Amethyst has a lot of interesting plans for this series, and who knows? Maybe one day she’ll release something up the alley of the spiritual cuckboys like me.

  4. QuietMan

    I have had cuckholding fantasies for a long time. But I am not into the humiliation aspects that seem so prevalent in most cuckolding fantasies. I was so delighted then when Mistress Amethyst made this file. Humiliation is not one of her kinks and I knew this would be a great file.

    This is a training file as the title implies. The first in hopefully a long series of files in this genre. Cukolding is one of Mistress Amethyst’s kinks and it shows in the recording. There is no mistaking the excitement in her voice. Mistress goes out of her way to ease you into this. This is the perfect file for somebody new to this genre.

    She takes her time with the intro and induction. She is at her seductive best in this file. Make no mistake about it. This is a seduction. By the time she gets done with seduction you will eagerly accept her domination. She makes it very easy to submit to her desires.

    There is a lot of sex in this file. As the subject you get to watch until the end. There is a lot of teasing and edging in this file. This file is audio porn at its best. I won’t spoil the ending. But it is a good one.

    I got a strong sense of being dominated in this file, which is to be expected. I also felt very submissive, which was also to be expected. What I did not expect was the feelings of sharing. Mistress made this feel like a shared experience. All parties experienced the arousal, desire and pleasure. This was not something being done to me, as much as a feeling of being allowed to share in the experience. This was a delightful feeling. One I will cherish. It also felt like a custom file to me. My copy was personalized with my name, which made the experience even better. I highly recommend getting this file personalized.

    If you think you might want to try the cuckold kink, this would be the perfect file to start with. No humiliation. Just shared joy, pleasure and arousal. Just a superlative effort on Mistress Amethyst’s part.

    I want to thank my Hot Mistress Amethyst for making this file. Dare I ask when the sequel is coming out. 🙂

  5. guyinatrance (verified owner)

    Mistress Amethyst is The One i want to submit to! She is The One i want to please! Her kinks are my kinks! Her pleasure is all that matters & whatever gives Her pleasure gives me pleasure! Whatever She wants i want too! Watching Her receive pleasure from another submissive would be so very erotic! Being Her cuckboy is the ultimate in submission & would be a great honor! Mistress Amethyst’s Cuckboy Initiation reinforces all of the above as well as take you extremely deep under Her trance! She paints such a vivid hypnotic & erotic image seducing your open & eager mind, DOMINATING you in so many wonderful ways! i am ecstatic that Mistress Amethyst has shared Her kink in Cuckboy Initiation & that i was blessed with being allowed to listen to & submit to Her DOMINATING control!

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