Mind Fuck Mantra – Mind Fuck Slut

Mind Fuck Mantra – Mind Fuck Slut


FemDom Erotic Hypnosis Mind Fuck Mantra – Say your mantras while I fuck your slutty mind.  Open wide for your Mistress Amethyst, my submissive boy

40 minutes

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Say Your Mantras While I Fuck Your Mind

Do you know what a mind slut is?  Its a hypno junkie who can’t get enough of erotic hypnosis, and who becomes so very aroused while listening.  Does this sound like you?  Good!  😉

This is a devotional file.  I’m going to guide you into trance and give you some mantras to repeat.  I want you to listen to the voice track where I’m giving you mantras, no matter how tempting the other voice track may be.

In the background, I will be taunting your horny mind with the fact that you’re opening up wide for me so that my words can penetrate you and fuck you.  I am your one true HypnoDomme.  No one makes you more submissive and aroused.  I love when you open your mind to be my little mind fuck slut.

After you complete a few rounds of mantras, I count you halfway up and give you a post hypnotic command to masturbate.  You will come back into the room wide awake when you orgasm. 


  • Induction – Using some “Deep”, “Down” verbiage
  • 10-1 Countdown
  • Multi voice track programming / Layered voice tracks
  • Devotional file
  • Cum Command:  Yes;  Post Hypnotic Masturbation Command
  • 40 Minutes

Erotic Hypnosis & FemDom Hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst of DeepSurrender.com. Copyright 2015. 


  1. Lord Epicure

    Wow , such a blast for my mind, completly under Mistress Amethyst control, deep surrender.
    Quick induction, and gentle relaxation leading you deeper and deeper.
    Arrousal growing more and more, silky Mistress voice leading you in background.
    When the command to repeat mantras arrive, it’s an overwhelming sensation of bliss submission and arousal blasting your mind.
    Automatically and instantly you fall deeper and deeper, the more you are repeating mantras, the more Mistress Amethyst fucking your mind hardly and deeply. Breathing accelerate, None thought, except to obey Mistress and repeat Mantras.
    You want the end ????
    Sorry, I am always recovering my mind. Arrousal and slutty thoughts always embed…

  2. alwaysagree

    While many mistresses have you say things while you’re being hypnotized, Mistress Amethyst’s mantras go way beyond what I expected. The thing I find so amazing about them is how with each iteration of the mantras, I feel myself go deeper and the sensations get more intense.

    This file in particular sends me really deep and I hear myself chanting the mantras more so than I feel like I’m actually saying them. It becomes automatic and instinctual and with every repetition I feel so much better. It almost seems a shame that it has to end, but the ending is amazing unto itself.

    Highly recommend!!!

    Talks you deep, strong sense of being under her control

  3. origamisoldier (verified owner)

    Mistress Amethyst delivers another Mind Fuck Mantra session that will have you needing and desiring to repeat her words for you over and over again. This session is all about how hot, horny, and aroused you can get through erotic hypnosis with Mistress Amethyst. Mistress won’t turn you into a slut looking for sex everywhere as much as she turns you into a slut looking for Amethyst everywhere. Mistress Amethyst will have you recite your mantras about how you love to have her fuck your mind while she fucks your mind. It’s a double dose of Mind Fucking that will have you craving more and more, so the session does it’s job very well.

    The mantras themselves are all really good, and as I went through the session, I felt my desire to repeat them building along with my arousal. Each mantra is repeated twice before moving on to the next, so it sinks in well. The space that Mistress gives to repeat the phrase can be a bit small in this one, so you end up finishing your mantra as she starts the next one. Eventually I found that it was better to say the mantras along with Mistress, and not only did it work better with the small spacing, but I think it enhanced the power of the mantras. It felt as though Mistress was in my mind, guiding me in my speaking of the mantra. it felt like my thoughts were one with hers. A happy accident for me.

    The cum command at the end was great. After repeating such sexy mantras so many times, it felt so good to stroke and cum for Mistress and seal her commands deep in my mind with my orgasm. Mind Fuck Slut is a great session for anyone that loves erotic hypnosis and Mistress Amethyst’s voice. It’s a sexy ride deep inside your mind with her horny thoughts for you.

  4. Tized (verified owner)

    Mindgasm vs. orgasm. Is there really a difference, pleasure-wise speaking? That’s something you get to try out during this extremely erotic session by the impeccable Mistress Amethyst.

    As the title suggests, this latest addition to Mistress Amethyst’s Mind Fuck Mantra series is the most blatantly kinky and erotic one so far. It’s steaming hot and incredibly effective especially with repeated listenings. For myself it’s a very welcome continuation Mistress’ recent (and my favorite) enslavement/devotional files SLIP Into Enslavement, Milk & Honey 2 and StrapOn Submission. If You’re into Mistress, I’d say if these files don’t make you Her loyal obedient slave I don’t know what will.

    So yes, as for myself, I go deep in a second after Mistress Amethyst starts speaking with Her sultry and sexy voice – I’m that well programmed. She makes good use of Her ‘deep down’ and countdown triggers to take you to the perfect depth of trance for you to start reciting the sexy mantras She has in store for you. As you’re well on your way She starts fucking and programming your mind with Her words on a second voice track, with increasing power and passion. The effect of this process is unbearably arousing and you end up experiencing some incredible mindgasms. And the whole show ends with a post-hypnotic suggestion to masturbate reciting a hot mantra. What perfection!

    But, I’ve got one small criticism (and this is probably the first piece of criticism I think I’ve ever had about any of Mistress’ files) and it’s the spacing between the mantras. During the first listen I found it difficult to repeat the mantras because they are longer than the time you’ve got to repeat them. It took me a couple of rounds to figure out that it’s better to recite them WITH Mistress, not AFTER Her, and a few rounds was enough for me to learn the mantras by heart, so the problem was solved pretty quickly. So with repeated listenings the file really gets to flourish because you know the mantras already and you can just relax and let the magic happen. On my last listen I actually had a problem reciting the mantras because I was busy moaning as my mind was being fucked so profoundly by Mistress. And the way I ‘performed’ the masturbation mantra at the end must have sounded pretty desperate to my neighbors who maybe were listening in through the wall after possibly hearing my moans.

    All in all, it’s a file I will definitely be trancing and fantasizing to a LOT. Extremely hot stuff!

  5. guyinatrance

    Indulge yourself in the Special Pleasure that Mistress Amethyst Provides

    Indulge – to allow (yourself) to have or do something as a special pleasure

    Mind Fuck Mantra – Mind Fuck Slut by Mistress Amethyst is a special hypnotic, erotic, orgasmic pleasure that i found irresistible!

    It is a pleasure to fall into a deep pleasurable trance allowing Mistress Amethyst’s lovely hypnotic voice to arouse me beyond the edge of orgasm, as She pushes me over the edge of that wonderful erotic cliff. Mistress Amethyst lights my fuse causing a fast intense burn, culminating in an orgasmic explosion & an erotic fireworks climax!

    Mistress Amethyst allows me to indulge myself in the hypnotic fetish i find a special erotic pleasure! i love Her DOMINANCE, the temptation to open my mind to Her erotic hypnotic suggestions for me to be more devoted to Her! i love how She relaxes me using Her vast hypnotic skill & then how She arouses me using Her trigger words to push my buttons that detonate an orgasmic eruption of monumental proportions!

    i eagerly give in to Mistress Amethyst’s special brand of hypnotic skill & obey Her commands to stroke & chant until all of my resistance is broken down with me giving in to the need to cum at Her suggestion for Her!

    i say yes to Mistress Amethyst & Her invitation to indulge myself in Her special hypnotic & erotic pleasure! Yes, let Mistress Amethyst redefine what fetish you want to indulge in! Yes, Mistress Amethyst’s lovely voice & hypnotic artwork are now your fetish of choice, your new favorite way to becum aroused & cum!

    10 to 1 countdown progressive relaxation hypnotic techniques

    Multi voice track programming / Layered voice tracks confusion hypnotic techniques

    Hypnotic triggers & a most erotic post hypnotic suggestion

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