Milk and Honey
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Milk and Honey



Slip DEEP under her control as you suckle on Her breasts to drink Her nourishing milk. And best of all, you will get to lick and worship Her sex to taste Her sweet honey, all while She takes control over you.

40 minutes



Find yourself lulled into a deep mesmerized state by staring at Amethyst’s toes as they sway back…. and forth. Once you have surrendered to Her trance, She will program your mind with the Trigger word of Deep.

Each and every time Mistress Amethyst uses the word Deep, you will slip under Her trance deeper than before. She will then bring you up, and then back down twice, while testing out the effect that it has on you. And if you are a very good boy, you just might become Her favorite play thing.

Slip even deeper under her control as you suckle on Her breasts to drink Her nourishing milk. And best of all, you will get to lick and worship Her sex to taste Her sweet honey, all while She takes control over you.


  • Deep brainwave technology
  • subliminal hypnotic programming
  • guided relaxation
  • DEEP trigger introduction & training
  • Breast Worship
  • Pussy Worship


  1. NothingandNobody

    I just finished listening to this for the first time. I love how Goddess has tightened her control over me while allowing me to experience the deep, deep intimacy of serving her by worshipping her breasts and her fount. The bonds of pleasure and bliss entwined with the deepening need to please Her have me helplessly bound to Goddess.

  2. Rhamma (verified owner)

    I was so deep I was there it really happened. Mistress in now inside me. Pleasing Her is all that matters after She took me in this file and I belong to Her and She is in me and you will be lucky enough to also, if you listen to Her and obey Her.

  3. Boob boy

    This was my first ever Amethyst trance and I’m very glad it was!

    I had never been good with hypnosis before but Mistress Amethyst’s voice was so soothing and sensual that I felt blissful obeying her every instruction.

    She will lovingly lull your mind to where it needs to be and as a treat she we let you drink from her soft round breasts

    As a guy with a lactation fetish I must say it’s been difficult to find stuff that caters adequately to it, but this file ticked every box and even set the bar higher. I really hope she continues with this fetish.

  4. Toolate

    From the second i read the description for this file i knew i had to listen. Mistress Amethyst very quickly but gently pulled me into an ever deepening pit of blissful worship. There is no way to avoid sliding down the deep slope of adoration and winding up on your knees where you belong, ready to indulge in the most incredible fantasy. Once there you will realize that there is no better place to be.

    For anyone crazy enough to be unsure, there is a ten minute youtube sample that will make up your mind for you.
    Thank-you Mistress Amethyst!!

  5. Tized (verified owner)

    Milk & Honey is one of the very essential files to me in Mistress Amethyst’s catalogue. It truly speaks to my fetish and desire to be completely enslaved and owned by a hypnotic Goddess. In the session Mistress Amethyst lets you worship Her body and by drinking Her milk and honey you let Her take over your whole existence. If you please Her well She in the end might also allow you the greatest pleasure of becoming Her most devoted and cherised slave. By this time you’ll be trembling in ecstacy.

    Mistress Amethyst executes the whole experience to perfection. The induction by swinging toes is highly erotic, the deepening part is so seductive and sensual with some effective fractionation play, and the following fantasy scenario is just pure heaven. I’m so happy I’ve found my one true Goddess in Mistress Amethyst. The hypnotic art She creates is on a level of its own.

  6. rodimus

    I’m trying to figure out why it look me this long to listen to Milk and Honey. It ticks so many boxes for me that if I didn’t know better, I’d think it was a custom file.
    It’s got some fairly intense trigger programming, some fractionation, leans pretty heavily on submission/obedience, and has some lovely sexy times involving Mistress Amethyst’s breasts and sex.

    Every bit of this file is done extremely well, as is the standard with Mistress Amethyst’s file. If you’ve been thinking about getting Milk & Honey and haven’t yet, do it. DO IT NOW!

  7. Christopher

    You like the taste of milk and honey? Of course you do!

    This recording will bring you down into a deep hypnotic state. The induction method used in that recording is one of my favourites.

    In that awesome state of hypnosis everything described to you will feel very real. You will smell milk and honey and you want to taste it. You crave the taste of it.

    Will you finally be allowed to taste that heavenly liquid?

    – great induction
    – feels very real
    – as usual, very high quality recording

  8. Amethyst’s Disciple (verified owner)

    “Oh, that you may suck fully of the milk of Her comfort, that you may nurse with delight at Her abundant breasts!” (Isaiah 66:11)

    The metaphor that the Prophet Isaiah uses to describe Jerusalem calls to mind the intimacy of a mother feeding her child at the breast. Such nurturing intimacy is rare once one reaches adulthood, yet Mistress Amethyst offers a unique opportunity for her followers to receive her sweet milk! Suckling on Her glorious breasts and drinking in her milk is an experience that will fill you with pure bliss! Once you have drunk your fill, She grants you the privilege of worshiping Her female Temple with your tongue. Take in Her honeyed nectar and let it run down your throat and course through your body. Let your soul be filled with Her essence! Let your entire being be enraptured in total ecstasy!

    I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys worshiping the female body. If you’re like me, a submissive heterosexual male who is obsessed with the female form, then this recording is simply a must! Truly, it is a thing to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day. My deepest gratitude goes to Mistress Amethyst for allowing such a glorious experience!

  9. origamisoldier

    Both So Good

    I don’t know which I love more: the rich creamy milk of her perfect breasts, or the sweet sticky honey of her glorious temple. This delicious body worship session is great regardless of what you may prefer. She uses a variation of the fractionation induction in combination with her deep trigger to take you into trance. She starts out by nuzzling you against her breasts. It’s not a place you’ll want to leave soon, but the opportunity to suckle those breasts is not one to be taken lightly. Mistress Amethyst will hold your head as you drink the appropriate amount from each breast. As you take it in, the milk will fuel your devotion to Mistress Amethyst. Next she sends you to your knees. It’s time to pleasure her temple, and you need to be in your proper place for that. The sweet juices will fill you and take over your soul as it continues to fan the fire of your devotion. Once done, she will send you back to the waking world (perhaps with a very special honor!). Milk and honey will never be the same for me!


    tasty, passionate devotion, special honor

  10. treeboat

    The Most Sexy Submission Ever

    This session is absolutely incredible. If you listen to it (which I would HIGHLY recommend), you will be lulled into the deepest trance… honestly, I do not think I have ever gone so deep into trance ever before. It feels so incredible, so amazing, so wonderful to give yourself completely to Mistress Amethyst, and She will make sure that you do it. Then the session turns hot…. so very very hot. I don’t want to spoil it, but it is the most sensual thing I have ever experienced in a hypnosis session. In this session (and the rest of Her sessions) Mistress Amethyst is sweet, sensual, dominating, and oh so very powerful. This is an amazing session from an amazing Mistress that I am so glad now owns my mind, body, and soul.

  11. JHSuccumb

    Testimonial: For Milk and Honey

    I listened to Amethyst’s “Milk and Honey”. The best way to describe it is a love spell wrapped within a hypnotic recording. Everything from the sound of Her voice to the words She choses just hit the right chord every time. I’m anxious to hear Her newer recordings and buy up…more the ones that i haven’t heard yet. i wholeheartedly recommend Her for anyone who loves the sensual part of Femdom Hypnosis to invest your time in checking out Amethyst’s recordings. You will NOT be disappointed……….you will easily fall in love and ache to obey

  12. guyinatrance

    Testimonial: For Milk and Honey

    Deep, deeper, deepest possible trance; yes, yes, yes, who doesn’t want to go deeper? Trigger after trigger driving you deeper; down deeper into trance; WOW! Milk and Honey is the ticket, deeper into trance, the ticket to the deepest possible trance! A lovely, seductive, very Feminine voice guiding you deeper into trance; that is what Amethyst possesses, along with your heart, mind and soul! It wouldn’t matter what She said, She will own you! FemDom Hypnosis and Erotic Hypnosis at its most hypnotic, at its most erotic and at its most Dominant!! See

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