Transgender Cell Command – Masculinity Release
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Transgender Cell Command – Masculinity Release



Tender transgender hypnosis helping you to release any remaining traces of masculinity. Using Cell Command Therapy (TM), I will command your body to cooperate

29 minutes


Transgender Cell Command (TM) Release Masculinity

A very tender recording helping you to lovingly release any remaining traces of masculinity. Then using Cell Command Therapy (TM), I will command the cells of your body to cooperate by activating your feminine cellular traits. This includes the hormones, breast tissue, sex organs, skin, & hair follicles.

For additional effect, I would recommend the General Cell Release recording, which is VERY thorough with releasing causes.

See my description of Cell Command Therapy by using this link:

Features: 10 to 1 Countdown, Subliminal programming, Cell Command Therapy (TM), Isochronic Tones, Gender Specific for male to female transformation

I prefer that you purchase on DeepSurrender, however, this title is also available on NiteFlirt

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  1. samantha (verified owner)

    This recording is helping me find deeper acceptance of my feminine self. And even more, the female within is finding natural expression. I so love finding myself walking with more of a sway or making more feminine gestures–quite naturally. I love how I’m taking better care of my skin, keeping it smooth and moisturized, I feel more sensual and I love it! I listen to this recording late at night and I wake up feeling more feminine, what a great way to start may day. Thanks Mistress Amethyst!

  2. Tsukinoakuma (verified owner)

    I just listened to this file for the first time last night, and… wow.

    I can’t remember a time when I felt this happy, secure, and loved in real life. I woke up from trance feeling that same level of joy, love, and bliss until I went to sleep for the night. I now look forward to listening to this file every day.

  3. Nicole N

    Transgender Cell Therapy is a hypnotic masterpiece.

    A top notch recording from a true professional. Have listen to so many different feminization recordings but this is without a doubt the best so far and probably my favorite recording in any category. It’s a the title suggest a therapy session, but what a session! The execution is flawless from beginning to end. There is no more to say other than: Wow!

    Afterwards my body felt absolutely radiant and in a state of bliss. Feeling so soft and feminine and filled with kindness and thankfulness . I can feel the effects already after just one listening. I just want to listen to it every day. I am so excited to see what effects it will be a month or year from now.

    Thank you Goddess Amethyst!

  4. Lucy Herbert

    I can whole heartedly recommend Transgender Cell Therapy and Obedient Mind and Obedient Body and her voice going through your head is total bliss

    Thank you Mistress Amethyst

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