Insatiably Silly

Insatiably Silly


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Triggering you To Be My Silly Sissy Bimbo

Listen for FREE – download for a small fee.

I’m going to implant a trigger into your mind that is going to make you feel like a horny, giggly airhead.  Every time you hear me say the trigger word, you’ll feel the effects instantly and overwhelmingly.

You want to be my silly bimbo don’t you? It feels so good to be so silly for me.  It makes your sweet little sissy clitty so engorged doesn’t it?  Yes, I know it does!  You love to be my silly sissy, where you mind empties and you become so eager to please me.

It’s too hard to think without me.  It’s just too much for you and that makes me so happy.  You love making me happy don’t you?

I want to play with you, so I plan to use the Silly trigger in many future files.  So be a good little silly bimbo, and make sure you listen to this file over & over!  I want your little mind nice and trained so that we can have lots of Silly fun!


  • Silly Trigger
  • Multi voice track programming / Layered voice tracks
  • Very soft sporadic giggle sound effect
  • Verbiage to serve Me as your Mistress
  • Delta brainwave tones
  • Count up at the end
  • Cum Command:  No
  • Personalization is NOT available for this title
  • 44 Minutes

Erotic Hypnosis & FemDom Hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst of Copyright 2016. 

FemDom Erotic hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst to render you mindless under her control.


  1. MindlessFeminizedSlave (verified owner)

    As I sit here after listening to this file again earlier today, I am relaxed and reflecting on how Mistress made me feel. This file has you floating from her very first words. It’s like cuddling in a warm pink blanket as Mistress takes over my mind.

    While I was able to freely and easily drop, Mistress’ kind and gentle touch had me feeling so light and pliable as I increasingly let go and surrendered. And yet that approach had me feeling so pretty like a shy little sissy school girl. In that warm embrace, it’s makes her influence even more magnified. And as someone who is routinely called silly, I now have another daily reminder of being Mistress’ silly sissy. Thank you Mistress Amethyst for another wonderful file.

  2. Amethystsubntn

    Mistress Amethyst’s voice is so soothing and just, it almost feels like it wraps around you. This title is actually 45 minutes long full of deep relaxation and installing a fun trigger (the title explains it) that was actually even felt better than i thought it would. To be able to let go and just feel good while being guided by Mistress is such a fun treat. And it is very effective as i can attest to sensations i had afterward. Also, i can’t stress how much i love the way Mistress uses the theme of the entire file to shape and color her induction. Gosh, just writing about it makes me want to go back and experience it. Did i mention this is free!

  3. Nexus

    I am insatiably silly after listening to this track! This one really makes me feel bubbly and giggly, and horny as hell. This is one of my most listened to sessions.

  4. Jean (verified owner)

    It’s so good to stop thinking and let Mistress do all the thinking fo you. I am not in the sissy fetish but I enjoy this file very much, because I love becoming a horny, giggly airhead and be deeply hypnotized and controled by Mistress enchanting voice. Her voice is now living in my mind forever.

  5. Rusty

    Be careful what you wish for. I started listening on a whim, but after a few times, I found myself wanted to listen more and more. Now I can control myself, I need to her Mistress’s voice everyday, she make me giggle. It feels so good to giggle for Mistress, giggling give me so much pleasure.

  6. Jenny

    I thought this was a ordinary file, but boy was I wrong. When listening to this file, I giggled and before then, I have never giggled. I was so addicted to the file, I listen to it again and the effects were even stronger. So thank you Mistress.

  7. annabelle9969

    i haven’t listened to Mistress Amethyst for a while but listening to this mp3 made me feel so relaxed and submissive, i felt so light and felt like i was floating away surrounded by pink bubbles and i didn’t have a care in the world. i want and need to be a silly sissy bimbo and feeling this way is so good for me, And YES MISTRESS i am ready to be submissive. i am ready to obey.

  8. Dusty

    This trance was amazing ! It made me feel so airheaded and bimbotized ! It gave me soooo much pleasure , this is a great file to start being a sissy! Mistress Amethysts voice is so sensual and erotic , it can put you to sleep and turn you on so very much ! I love this trance so much i listened to it 3 more times before i finally stopped, ive never felt so controlled !

  9. Kazekrawa (verified owner)

    This is awesome. I never fall so deep in trance. It become even more powerful when hear it often. So if you want to be in very deep trance this session is what you longing for. Thank you Mistress Amethyst

  10. slavepupm (verified owner)

    This slave didn’t realize how much this file would affect it. One thing this slave didn’t expect was to dream about Mistress Amethyst that night. It was a great dream too. This slave was so mindless in Her Glourious presences.

    Also, the next day, at work, every time this slave tried to focus or think it got a headache, started smiling and wanted to giggle.

    Mistress Amethyst IS very good at what She does and has converted this slave into a loyal subject.

  11. Always Agree (verified owner)

    One of the things you come to learn as you get more and more into Mistress Amethyst’s files is that she really appreciates a boy who’s willing to be a little adventurous. You may look at this title and feel like it’s not the thing for you, you just want to be controlled and turned into one of her good boys. But giving up control can feel so much better when you know it’s a little outside the your comfort zone.

    This file is remarkably fun. It is erotic, but the “silly” aspect of it really just makes for an amazing experience. It’s a truly unique file that sneaks up on you a bit, but leaves you feeling really happy and light afterwards.

  12. blank (verified owner)

    When was last time you really had fun being brainwashed? Filled with joy and laughter while being emptied of thought and will? Insatiably Silly will do exactly that. But you say that you’re not interested in sissy files? That’s ok, you can just pretend! You can just enjoy bouncing in and out of trace while sliding deeping and giggling your resistance away because it will make Mistress happy and that sounds like lots and lots of fun, doesn’t it? That’s right, it does! 🙂

    This is a very fun and powerful file. Mistress uses pleasure and happiness to pull you deeper and deeper into submission and obedience. It is amazingly hypnotic and feels better and better every time, because it combines mindlessness with happiness, pleasure with unthinking obedience. Giggles and bubbles will wash your brain squeaky clean because you’re having so much fun.
    Thank You, Mistress!

  13. tusnelda richter

    This being the first hypno Session i ever listened to it seems i luckily stumbled over the best possible starting point on my way to real airheadedness. It touches my exact need rendering me completely unable as well as unwilling to resist at all. Silly bubbly me.

  14. love addict (verified owner)

    This may be a tough review to write. I’m not sure if Mistress Amethyst said anything about just reading Her trigger having Her desired effect, but that’s what’s happening and it’s making it kind of hard to think. I must say, I’m liking that unexpected reaction.

    Due to life’s circumstances I haven’t been able to listen to any hypnosis for about five months. Things have calmed down a bit, and I was finally able to listen to Mistress Amethyst’s beautiful voice today. I had almost forgotten just how beautiful It is. Instead of listening to one of the many session I already have I decided to try Her new one for a couple of reasons. One, it sounds like an amazing idea for a series, and two, from reading the description it sounded like a session that would clear my head of thoughts. Something I thought might help me go under. It’s been so long I didn’t know if I would be able to go under at all, and every little bit would help. Happily, I not only had no trouble going under, but as always been the case when listening to Mistress Amethyst, I went to a level I’ve never felt before. There are many wonderful Hypnodommes out there, and most are very talented, but there is just something about Mistress Amethyst’s voice, and style that takes hold of me like nobody has ever done before. So, not only did I go under, I went out like a light.

    Oh yeah, I’m writing a review. I almost forgot. Insatiably Silly is AMAZING. I would put it in the top five of sessions I’ve ever heard. It actually had me giggling, and I am no giggler. I had never giggled a day in my life, and yet I giggled. I’ve always been fascinated in sessions that were meant to make it hard to think. They worked to varying degrees during the session, but the trigger Mistress uses and implants is epically important. I don’t see it as a trigger used only to feel good during sessions. I see it as a trigger laying the groundwork for Her to take control and make me the person I’m meant to be for Her. I don’t care what type of sessions She decides to use it in in the future. I’m going to listen to them. The way Her trigger made me feel is indescribably wonderful, and I can’t wait to hear it over and over in many other sessions. First though, I’ll be listening to Insatiably Silly many more times so Her trigger is so deeply implanted that thinking for myself seems like a truly silly idea. Get this session, and every one that follows. HIGHLY recommended.

  15. Hypno_Lover

    This session will bring you deep deep down and make you feel amazing. So amazing that its Silly! I am a silly sissy and if you listen you might get a little ditzy 😉

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