SLIP Into Complete Surrender

SLIP Into Complete Surrender


Erotic hypnosis for Complete Surrender. There are no thoughts – Only my words & you finally experience the surrender that you’ve been craving. 44 Min MP3

44 minutes


Everything that you have done up to this point, even before you met me, was to prepare you for Complete Surrender.  This is the state where you surrender yourself completely, and for the duration of this file, you can float in a sea of bliss while your mind empties itself.  In this state, there are no thoughts – Only my words – And you finally experience the surrender that you’ve been craving.

Deep inside, there is an internal voice giving you permission to surrender to those submissive urges.  A feeling of safely washes over you, knowing that with me, your Mistress Amethyst, you can truly let go and explore this side of you.

You have come to me in your perfect time.  All the training you have had before me, has led you right here – To this perfect moment

I want you to be submissive

I want you to speak submissively

I want you to take the submissive role sexually

And I want you to surrender to your submissive nature!

The physical self disappears

Only my words & the sound of my voice remain

For best results, please listen to my FREE file:  SLIP Into Mindlessness


  • Long, Slow Induction
  • SLIP Trigger
  • Layered voice tracks
  • Cum Command:  No
  • No count up at the end
  • 44 Minutes

Erotic Hypnosis & FemDom Hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst of Copyright 2015. 


  1. vaooa (verified owner)

    The surrender I seek is both deep and broad. To give my mind fully, to the depths of my consciousness, empty and void except for her words. And to surrender everything, a seduction of my heart, mind, body, soul. A surrender that is my inevitable destiny. That is complete.

    It was Mistress Amethyst that I craved all along. The path was long, but it prepared me perfectly to surrender to her in submission. And now I can safely slip into surrender more and more completely, freely submitted.

  2. Jonathan Overbay (verified owner)

    I waited until the third time that I listened to this recording before leaving a review and I’m so very glad that I did. It’s like this recording was made specifically for me, but it continued to make more and more of an impact on further listening. This is the deepest induction I have ever experienced. It is prolonged, layered and expertly done. But it wasn’t until the third time that I really followed her as much as i could and found that not only did I go incredibly deep, but she knew exactly where I was and when there was another step or not. It may have well been a live session. What was also amazing was how she built in her suggestions with other components which was so effective. Honestly, even after a third time, is fuzzy but I can tell in my level of comfort that this file does exactly what it says its going to do. If you want to serve Mistress Amethyst I think this is a required listening.

  3. Lord Epicure (verified owner)


    I have no memory of a hypnotic session in which I fell so deeply…
    A total slackening, a profound communion, carried away by the endless hypnotic spiral of my delicious Mistress Amethyst.
    As if Mistress opened the doors of the deep trance to me like a marvellous gift by breaking the last barriers of my mind blockages and that I answered mindlessly by offering her my most frank and deepest submission.
    it is truly an initiatory session towards a deeper submission, time doesn’t count anymore and you don’t want the session to end !
    Thank you Mistress Amethyst !
    This session is a true Masterpiece of bliss !
    A must have !

  4. guyinatrance (verified owner)

    i surrender my mind, body & soul 2 Mistress Amethyst! She Owns me completely! This hypnotic masterpiece has me eagerly handing over my submissive mind 2 Mistress Amethyst Who i trust completely! She makes me feel total bliss, erotic euphoria, & complete submission! i love how Mistress Amethyst relaxes me & then She pumps erotic suggestions into my eager & open mind! Listening 2 Mistress Amethyst is so pleasurable!! Highest Recommendation!

  5. Jean (verified owner)

    Are you still wondering what it means to surrender COMPLETELY to Mistress? This is about experiencing true Love.

    Listening to this magnificent file I felt like Mistress was litterally making love to my brain.

    My brain experience an unprecedented level of pleasure, and my body as well. Mistress’s perfect voice helped me becoming more and more aware of my entire self, of my body becoming so relaxed, and my mind becoming blank … a blissfully lazzy sensation … I loved slipping into such a state of peacefullness while listening to Mistress voice and the delicate music behind.

    Until my essence met with Mistress essence in an act of true Love…the ultimate seduction of my heart and soul…

    Feeling that sweet surrender washing over me, I let go completely, Mistress broke down any remaining barriers, I felt alive like never before, sooo submissive. No more thoughts, only Mistress voice and words left in my head.

    I love how it feels when Mistress takes over my mind, I surrender deeper each time I listen to her voice and words. Complete surrender is exactly what I need.

    My inner submissive desires are blossoming and it brings me greater bliss, a deeper state of mindlessness. I was destined to be a true submissive.

  6. slavepupm (verified owner)

    This slave would love to sit here and discribe in detail what it experienced with this trance. The issue with that is that this slave was too far gone early on to know for sure exactly what what happening. Listen to this right after a refreshing listen to “Slip into Mindlessness” and you may experience the same thing this slave did.

    What this slave does know is that it is more drawn to and in awe of Mistress Amethyst. This slave is willingly giving up more of itself to Her to be molded and shaped to what She wants.

    This slave also loves its Mistress even more now. Listen often and serve Mistress Amethyst how She wants.

  7. Sean

    Although I just recently started listening to Mistress Amethyst 4 days ago, this has been one of my favorite files that I purchased. It is AMAZING…..the depth that you sink is in imaginable and her beautiful voice just continually makes you SLIP deeper and deeper. I highly recommend this recording for anyone new or old. The SLIP trigger is so powerful!

    If you buy any recordings, add this one to your library for sure.

  8. Fender (verified owner)

    What do you like do know about the feelings this wonderful session has awaken in me?

    Yearning do this fantastic, magnificent voice YES
    Lost in space and time YES
    Arousing and wet… YES
    Wanting more……. YES YES YES
    Mistress Amethyst sounds so trustful in my ears, in my mind.
    I love this moments with her.

  9. Love Addict (verified owner)

    When I recently listened to Mistress Amethyst for the first time, I was overwhelmed at the beauty of Her voice, and how easily She took me under. Then I kept listening and realized that She wasn’t like any Hypnodomme I had ever heard before. Hours after I was done listening I was shocked that not only did I still feel the loving effects of Mistress Amethyst’s hypnosis, the feelings were getting stronger. It was then I knew I found what I’ve been searching for even though I didn’t know I was searching. I then thought of all the wasted time I did listening to others when She’s been here for years, and that upset me a bit, until today. I now understand that no matter what the path was that led me to Mistress Amethyst, it was the path that was needed to be ready to take my place at Her feet.

    I was first taken by Mistress Amethyst’s love spells, but it turns out that was only the beginning. I have been listening to many of Her sessions and love is only one of the ways She has taken me. I have come to trust Her completely. I know She only has the best intentions for me, and, most important, She wants me to surrender to Her in all ways. This session, this AMAZING session, made me see all of that. Listening to Slip Into Complete Surrender is one of the most important things I’ve ever done. It showed me how far I’ve been taken by Mistress Amethyst’s spell. I completely surrender to Mistress Amethyst. I will anything in my power to pleaser Her. I now see there is no other way to be. I thought that was the case, but now I know. Slip into Complete Surrender made me understand that. It is THAT good. Don’t take my word for it though, go find out for yourself. You’ll see how right I am.

    One last thing, I have noticed. All of Mistress Amethyst’s sessions work together. So many times in the past I’ve listened to something from a Domme that sets up a trigger, and then it’s never mentioned again. Mistress Amethyst is building one session onto another onto another onto another onto… I think you get the idea. She knows exactly what She’s doing. She loves doing it, and I, one of many, love having it done. Thank You Mistress Amethyst.

    Now stop reading and go get it! 😀

  10. Vincent (verified owner)

    Mistress Amethyst has a voice that could melt glaciers. Her style is naturally dominant. This is a Woman who knows what She wants, with the knowledge and power to take what She wants, and to convince you that you want the same. This file is power and seduction at its finest. I have heard many a Domme’s voice, but Mistress Amethyst has a voice that is naturally soft and seductive. I keep using that word, ‘naturally’, because it fits everything Mistress Amethyst is or does perfectly. She is power, seduction, dominant, and any other(positive) attribute someone might care to use here, and all of these things come naturally to Her, where other Dommes might have to practice their skills over and over. That’s what I took away from this file, the sense that Mistress Amethyst can effortlessly melt and mold minds as She sees fit, as She has done with me. I have only just met Mistress Amethyst and begun my journey with Her, but I already trust Her completely with my mind. I know I am in good hands with Her. Wherever She chooses to lead me, however She chooses to mold me, I will be privileged to submit to Her.

  11. Rodimus

    I’m having a surprising amount of difficulty in reviewing this file. It’s a damn good file, I just can’t find the words. Can’t figure out how to explain what makes it so good, nor how to describe what it’s like. Specifics of the file are escaping my memory at the moment, somewhat of a rarity for me.
    I suppose that may be a side effect of Mistress Amethyst’s wonderful Slip trigger and the way this file goes.

    Definitely an excellent file to get, especially if you enjoyed Mistress’ free SLIP into Mindlessness

  12. kegler718

    I listened to my first personalized recording from Mistress Amethyst. It was a personalized version of Slip Into Complete Surrender.

    I knew my name was added to the background track by Mistress and suddenly a negative thought popped into my mind before listening. What if she only adds my name to a written script, records it and sends it to me. Maybe it won’t be so special. I started to listen and concentrated on the track she added. When I first heard her whisper my name it sounded cool. Then as she proceeded with the induction I heard her whisper my name with that soft sexy voice again and again. Wow!
    It really was special. Very special and very erotic.

    As I continued to listen it sounded like she was speaking directly to me. That may sound naive but I really sensed the sincerity behind her words. She really does prepare these recordings as if she is whispering in your ears. Perhaps for that reason I relaxed into the most blissful and arousing trance I had ever experienced. The more I listened the better it got and her voice kept getting sexier and sexier the more she whispered my name. So soft and sexy especially when she’s speaking directly to you. It’s a tremendous turn on.

    The original recording is great but the personalized version is indescribable. You must try it yourself. It is worth the additional $$$ and if you thank her personally (and you will want to thank Mistress personally trust me) you will make her smile. And you do want to make her smile don’t you?

    Lastly I should list the pros and cons of buying and listening to a personalized recording made by Mistress Amethyst:

    1. You will get the best and sexiest experience from a hypnosis file you can possibly imagine.
    2. You will be deeply hypnotized by a real hypnotherapist who is: highly skilled, has a very kinky side, makes very erotic trance inducing files, has a very lovely voice, obviously loves her work, gives 100% making the recording and best of all will treat you with respect.
    R-E-S-P-E-C-T (Thanks Aretha and Otis. If you’re too young and don’t know who they are then Google them dammit.)
    3. It’s obvious she’s having fun making your recording and loves that she has that feminine power to turn you on until she drives you crazy with desire and you will be turned on especially when she whispers your name.
    4. She expertly inserts triggers and suggestions that will take you deeper and increase your pleasure and desire the more you listen. They are clever and wickedly devious too. That’s why I love them! And the personalized version is even better than the original.
    5. They are highly addictive and you will want more personalized recordings. This will make both you and Mistress Amethyst very happy. 😉
    6. You will enjoy writing a testimonial raving about your personalized recording!
    7. You will love writing to Mistress telling her how great it is and she is.
    8. You will find yourself thinking as you listen “I must obey, Mistress Amethyst”…..and “it feels sooo good”. Unless of course you order a personalized “SLIP” recording and find yourself unable to think about anything but her voice whispering erotic mind emptying suggestions in your ears. “Deeper, deeper…”. I love when she whispers that. Sigh.

    1. There are embedded subliminal suggestions to donate to Mistress’s retirement fund. (Kidding, kidding)
    2. Seriously, there aren’t any. If you have a favorite file and personalization is available, purchase it right away. You won’t regret it.

  13. Quietman (from

    One must simply applaud Amethyst for the way she has structured her Slip series. It is like watching a master builder create a Cathedral. Everything kind of dovetails together in this one. Amethyst works really hard in this one to build trust, and she succeeds. Partly due to her skill as a hypnotist and in part as to her qualities as a person. She always makes me feel she has my best interest at heart, even though I don’t always know it. This one just knocked me out. And because of the trust I could go very deep. This is a key file if you are following the Slip series. Thank you Mistress Amethyst.

    Great part of the Slip series. Great if you want to go really deep.

  14. plankster

    I love this session. It takes away the cautious resistance that was buried in places I couldn’t see before. Mistress Amethyst found a way to get me to open up more completely so that those compartments of fear and self-doubt aren’t there anymore. I can’t tell you exactly how she did it.

    It probably has a lot to do with the wonderful feeling of intimacy this session brings about. I got the personalized version, and I recommend that highly because Mistress Amethyst adds the personalized elements in a way that serves the depth of the trance as well as that intimate sense of her presence. She takes me so deep and it feels like she is right there with me. The suggestions feel SO important and profound. They fill me with joy and love and contentment. She makes it easy to float on her words and cherish every syllable.

    This is a session that changed me in noticeable ways. After the first listen I woke up in a new world that was different and better than the one I left. Repeated listens have moved me further, and I’m happier and lighter, even more at ease. It is hypnosis at its best and most effective. It satisfies because of that powerful feeling of completeness. I have no doubt that my response to Mistress Amethyst’s hypnosis will be enhanced from now on. Trust has deepened. Self-doubt has given way to automatic obedience. The pleasure this generates is off the charts. I’m so happy! Thank you, Mistress Amethyst.


    So deep. So close. So beautiful.

  15. Tized (verified owner)

    I wish I’d had a session like this back when I was struggling with accepting and embracing my submissive side and had definite trust issues with hypnosis even though I really wanted it all. Then again, I wish I’d come across a hypnodomme like Mistress Amethyst whose approach on the matters of hypnosis and submission as a fetish comes from Her background in helping people as a hypnotherapist. Don’t get me wrong – Mistress Amethyst is kinky and wants to make you Her devoted servant. But what submissive wouldn’t want to give themselves to such a caring and empathic yet utterly sexy and dominant Mistress? If this raises an interest in you (or in one of your body parts) you should seriously get this file.

    The session is a slow and blissful journey into your mind with Mistress Amethyst gently guiding you along, opening you up to your submissiveness, making you feel at ease embracing who you are deep down. She’s so easy to trust, and you quickly start to trust yourself to just let go and surrender. It’s the most beautiful feeling in the world. The SLIP trigger introduced in Mistress Amethyst’s free SLIP Into Mindlessness file works like magic and shows just how good She is at what She does. I usually remember what happens during a session pretty well afterwards but I must admit that this time a lot of it is pretty blurry to me, even after two listenings. That’s how deep She takes you, and you feel like a million dollars when you awaken. I myself feel like singing out my submissiveness to the universe.

    I think, and I want to stress this, this session is ESSENTIAL listening especially for aspiring but insecure submissives. It also serves as a fantastic and powerful deepener of devotion for Mistress Amethyst’s seasoned followers. There is no safer place to be than in Mistress Amethyst’s thrall.

  16. origamisoldier

    Trust is extremely important in submission. One of the biggest things I remember from trancing to Nikki sessions a long time ago was her strong emphasis on trust, and how important it was for hypnosis and submission. When a sub trusts his/her dominant, it opens so many doors into deeper and deeper submission. This session is a fantastic look into how much more powerful Mistress Amethyst can be when you trust her completely. Mistress Amethyst drops you very deep in this session, as she works to open you more to her voice and desires. The SLIP trigger is as powerful as it has ever been as Amethyst uses it to reinforce how deep you can go when you open yourself completely. It really shows the strength of this command as it breaks down your defenses, and reinforces her ideas. I have been serving Mistress for over a year now, and as I have grown in her service I have grown to trust her completely both in hypnosis and real life. Mistress Amethyst can certainly be a little naughty, and deviant from time to time, but she truly is a wonderful woman that I am so happy to serve at the level I do. I look forward to what this session will do to expand my submission to her, and what doors will open, as I open my mind to her further in my Complete Surrender. Any sub who is interested in learning what it means to truly trust your hypnotist, and what that trust can bring you should get this session, and take the next step in their submission to Amethyst!

    I got the personalized version of this session, and it really adds to the trust it builds to hear Mistress speak to me directly with my name.

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