Slip Into Amethyst Addiction

Slip into a mindless state of erotic hypnosis, where you become addicted to Amethyst’s seductive voice Using the SLIP trigger for powerful effect.

15 minutes


you’re not afraid of a little Amethyst Addiction, are you?  Of course not!

Slip into a mindless state of erotic trance, while I program your mind to become so very addicted to my voice.

You are so addicted to this feeling, my voice, and to the control that I have over you.  Each time that you listen, the effect is more powerful and you become more addicted than before.  You find yourself needing, wanting and craving more of my voice.

By using the SLIP trigger in this deep hypnotic loop, you can listen over and over, sinking deeper into that mindlessly bliss hypnotic state each time.  I dare you to listen again, and again!

Before listening to this audio, please listen to my FREE MP3, Slip Into Mindlessness, so that the SLIP trigger can be deeply programmed within your mind.  The Slip trigger primes your mind so that any hypnotic programming that I give to you, will become deeply absorbed.

Features:   SLIP trigger, multiple track layering;  programming file for Amethyst Addiction 15 minutes of FemDom & Erotic hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst of Copyright 2015


  1. cratylus1

    Having had many of the files from Mistress Amethyst under my belt, it’s safe to say that a strong addiction was already there. It’s simply impossible to follow Mistress and avoid addiction.

    This file takes any addiction you may have or want, and amplifies it. Listening to this will make you feel content, aroused, and more addicted. Beyond that, this file makes you want to keep getting even more and more addicted.

    There’s no end to it. You become hopelessly addicted, and simply want to get addicted more.

    This file is a great one to kick off a binge session. I find myself starting with this session, and I can’t stop listening to the voice of my Mistress. I’ll go hours letting Mistress Amethyst have her way with my mind. It becomes a craving that won’t get satisfied, and I love every mindless second of it.

  2. Always Agree

    There are many of Mistress Amethyst’s files that will suggest an addiction to her recordings but of course this file focusses more directly on the subject. Amethyst’s addictive quality is one of the more subtly seducing part of her recordings. It is a way that you’ll feel her influence on your mind well beyond a single recording. The more you listen, the more you’ll want to listen.

    When I first started listening to her voice, I knew it was special, but I didn’t realize how deep I’d go. I didn’t realize how deep the addiction would run. You really should give this file a listen and find out for yourself. It’s amazing!

  3. guyinatrance (verified owner)

    i love the way this hypnotic masterpiece made me feel – so deep into trance, so aroused, so euphoric, craving more! i added this 2 my wishlist of hypnotic files 2 be personalized! Mistress Amethyst has converted me 2 the effectiveness of Her lovely voice 2 drop me deep under Her seductive influence! i trust Her 2 take care of me! Highest Recommendation!

  4. Lord Epicure (verified owner)

    So sweet, So addictive !

    This recording is a gift to your eager Mind !
    Personaly, i feel the need to listen it each day !
    Amethyst voice will lead and caress your to the deepest place of adoration and addiction.
    The lenght of the file is quite short, but with the Slip trigger properly programmed in your mind, you will fall instantly and effortlessly into a deep trance. Maybe that will the first time to discover the great power of the Slip trigger, and i encourage you to train on “Slip into Mindlessness”, than the effects of this recording will be stronger !
    This is only a 15 minutes recording, but trust me, you will feel the urge to hit the Replay button, and loop it may be for 1 hour, because Amethyst addiction is so gooood, so strong, so enchanting.
    Only the voice of Mistress Amethyst can give to my mind and body the sweet feeling to be safe in her spell, her voice vibrates all the cells of my body, and i love that, fully addicted.
    Come to Amethyst, and your Mistress will gives you her sweetest gift : an strong Addiction to her !

  5. Beau R (verified owner)

    SLIP into Amethyst Addiction is one of those files that grows more difficult to describe – or resist – the more you listen to it. It’s definitely a heavenly way to lose an evening, afternoon, or entire weekend to erotic bliss!
    Primarily using Her SLIP trigger, Mistress Amethyst guides you into trance, and from there into a state of incandescent, addictive that grows more consuming the longer you listen – so clear your schedule, and get hopelessly addicted to Her Voice!

  6. Kazekrawa (verified owner)

    these is a awesome file. Your lvl deep trance and submissves grows very much. for exampel while i write these words I’m in trance and Mistress Amethyst do thinking for me. thanke you Mistress for these file and for the thinking

  7. Bayushi Kachiko

    This has become one of my favorite loops to combine with a longer mp3. It is short and very potent. Every time i listen to this, i just want to sink to my knees and thank Mistress Amethyst for giving the gift of Amethyst addiction. i look forward to this addiction only growing stronger with each listen to this file.

    Join us in our addiction. Mistress Amethyst is a lovely Lady who treats Her slaves with kindness and love

  8. Slave4hypnotisin (verified owner)

    After listening to the free slip trigger file, i decided to buy this one next, all i can say is absolutely crazy!!!!!!
    Ive tried many different hypnotists but noh have ever got me like Mistress Amethyst does.
    I find this file incredibly effective on me, i crave Her words in my mind after only a good 4/5 listens so far.
    I find this file so powerful that after the second slip trigger command im so deep in trance i know nothing else of the file or how it ends.

    Looking forward to buying my next file now and possibly enrolling in training school now.

    Thank You for this great work Mistress

  9. Bress2 (verified owner)

    I have listened to some of the other slip mp3s but I have lost count of how many times I have listened to this one. I can’t seem to stop myself listening again and again. I never really believed this was for real I only did it for a bit of fun. I know I am slowly becoming addicted to Amethyst and this MP3 but the need to listen again is overpowering so I just keep on doing it. Amethyst says (You are so addicted to this feeling, my voice, and to the control that I have over you. Each time that you listen, the effect is more powerful and you become more addicted than before. You find yourself needing, wanting and craving more of my voice) this is all true. I am also finding that I need her to have more control over me and I am looking for a way this can happen. I listened in bed last night I had it on repeat and fell asleep listening. I woke up some hours later with it still running. I work at home and am listening as I work. I am addicted.

  10. Quietman (from

    It is no secret that I really like Amethysts’ loops. She has a real knack for the genre. And if you are use to the SLIP trigger and it is very effective. One of the things that really stands out to me is the use of effects. Amethyst has always used effects well, but she is really on top of her game with this one. I don’t know if it is her new equipment, her love for the SLIP series, or her developing skill, but the effects in this are superb. She does not just add them on, but integrates them into her text. She is getting better and better at doing this. I must confess I can only make it twice through this one before I get too aroused. She does make suggestions for this, but they are not overly overt. Somehow this one just pushes my buttons. Great addition to the Slip series. I am grateful that she did not “triple dog dare me”. 😉 Thank you Mistress Amethyst.

    Great if you love loops and the especially if you love the Slip series.

  11. Tized (verified owner)

    Is it me, or is Mistress Amethyst just getting even better at creating hypnotic programming files? The SLIP Into Amethyst Addiction Loop has managed to drop me much deeper than I’ve ever been before. Quite amazing!

    Introducing the SLIP trigger in her free SLIP Into Mindlessness file was a genius move on Mistress’ part. It really takes the hypnotic experience to incredible new heights (or depths, rather). Along with the trigger, this time around She uses multiple vocal tracks and effects brilliantly to really mesmerize your mind and put you right where She wants you. And you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else, ever again. It’s a freakishly powerful 15 minutes of hypnosis, and that’s not all. Because it’s a file meant to be repeated over and over again, looping it actually takes you so crazy deep and really does make you so completely addicted to Mistress Amethyst and Her trance that it’s very difficult to stop listening to it until eternity. It also works fantastically as a starting file of a playlist, making the sessions following it work even better.

    I was so excited about this file when it came out that I got it instantly but I can only wonder how astoundingly effective a personalized version of it would be. This is trancing at its most profound and powerful.

  12. origamisoldier

    The power of the SLIP trigger really shows itself in this loop session from Amethyst. Amethyst Addiction was one of my earliest sessions, and I while I still love it, I think this loop surpasses it in nearly every way. Firstly, the short loop-able nature of the recording makes it easier to get more listens in. Each time you do, the Addiction grows stronger, and makes you want to listen even more! It’s almost dangerous how badly I want to loop this one! Secondly, the audio work is amazing in this loop. I love how the echoes transition throughout the session. Amethyst goes from no echoes to paired echoes to wafting echoes that flow through your mind. It really creates a nice flow that pulls you through the trance. Finally, I feel that the session is more comprehensive in it’s Amethyst Addiction. The theme is about addiction to Amethyst as a whole. An addiction to the voice. An addiction to the trance. An addiction to the submission and dominance. An addiction to the person. A true addiction to Amethyst. Get this one immediately, but make sure you don’t have anywhere special to go soon. You’ll have trouble pulling yourself away from this one!

  13. rodimus

    My first impressions on SLIP into Amethyst Addiction is there’s a lot going on, it’s kind of overwhelming. And I mean that in a good way. The best way I can think to describe it is that it’s brainwashy. It’s the kind of file I imagine being forced to listen to over and over again whilst being restrained, and I’m certain it would be effective for that. (And yes, for this kind of file, that’s a good thing.)

    Maybe it’s the addiction suggestions, but I definitely need to listen to it more. Partly because it’s very good, and partly because I feel like there’s layers to it I didn’t fully appreciate yet.

    And as always, get the personalized version if you can. Hearing Mistress say your name during a file really amps up the experience.

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