You want more… need more… MUST drop deeper into Insatiable Submission!

I guide you into a deep state of erotic hypnosis by replicating my own hypnotic experiences.  Once I have you right where I want you, I begin to use layered voice programming to build your desire to submit further, to surrender deeper, and by building that unquenchable thirst that only my trance can provide.

Layer after layer, penetrating your mind deeper and deeper with my words, my hypnotic voice, and my power to control you. Hypnotically bound to my voice, you are so completely consumed by the need for that feeling of submission.  Yes, that’s right my boy, you are now possessed by Insatiable Submission.

Features:  10-1 Countdowns, Double & Triple Voice layering, hypnotic programming.  FemDom hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst of; Copyright Aug. 2014


  1. dormezvous

    Insatiable Submission. It says so, right up front, and does Mistress ever deliver on that title!
    First, an induction that starts by describing some of the common feelings reported by deeply hypnotized people, before inviting the listener to imagine Mistress Amethyst’s own experiences in trance, and visualize the impressions She describes. I was deeply entranced before I knew it, and, drawn ever deeper by Her voice, melted for Her sexy suggestions. The themes, of linking intense arousal to surrender and submission, and implanting an unquenchable craving to seek out ever deeper levels of submission, are just incredibly hot, and I find myself constantly imagining how good it would feel to just give Mistress more and more control, and aching to feel that pleasure…
    It’s a rediscovered treasure for me, only the third Amethyst file I listened to, and it is more erotic and powerful than ever!

  2. Amethystsubntn

    loved Mistress’ voice as she takes you down in this file. this one really deepens your sense of submission It also feels intimate. Loving … that’s what i felt most afterwards. really love this file.

  3. vaooa

    When I wanted to explore erotic hypnosis, this was the kind of session I was looking for. A full experience of submission to Mistress’ dominance – to be swept up in surrender. Mistress Amethyst was always there in my desires, even before I knew to put her name to them. With this session, I know now submitting deeper and deeper into her control is my destined path. My submission to Mistress Amethyst: inevitable.

  4. Tony

    The sweet soothing voice of Mistress Amethyst whispers words of wisdom and guides me into deep submission. In this session she infuses me with the knowledge that makes me obedient. I come away having absorbed these truths. Mistress knows where I’ve been. I’ve been searching for her. All my previous experiences of trance have led me to this place, where I hand over my mind to her. She knows who I am. I am a submissive boy who desperately needs the control of a dominant woman. She knows where I need to be. I need to be resting in her voice. The sound of her voice is my harbor from the cares and worries that rage against me; it is my haven where alone I find peace and comfort; it is my safe place where I am free to be the submissive boy that I am. She knows what I must do. I must submit to her. It is as I submit that she takes over my mind, my body, my everything. It is as I surrender that the bliss I feel from her control, becomes utterly euphoric. I hunger and thirst for this surrender. Nothing else matters but full and free submission to Mistress Amethyst.

  5. TrancedOne (verified owner)

    All Mistress Amethyst files that I listened to so far have been great trance experiences for me. This file was especially powerful and the depth of trance so very deep. Probably the deepest so far, although it’s hard to compare. I admit it took me a while to recover afterwards, just laying back in the blissful submission Mistress created in me. She makes it so seductively sensual to submit, it becomes the only path you mind (..and body) will want to pursue.

    It’s in my favorite list for sure. I will be repeatedly listening just as the title says – it’s insatiable! Anyone looking for a deep trance will not be disappointed. Highly recommend this wonderful work.

  6. Bacardi22

    Once again Mistress Amethyst creates the perfect stage for an incredible performance. Not only did this file take me down to the deepest levels, it has left me with the enduring acceptance of my need to be Mistress Amethyst’s submissive. Over 36 hours post listening and I have yet to question that need. That has never happened to me before. Years of enjoying others’ files and maybe 10 minutes of after effects, then it vanishes. Mistress Amethyst through this file has done something no one else has even come close to, broken down my ability to resist.

  7. Christopher (verified owner)

    It’s true of every single one of Mistress Amethyst’s files, but Insatiable Submission took me so very very deep and i awoke to find a my hunger to submit to Her even more powerful than i thought possible. i wanted so much to give everything to Her, to keep giving more to Her. i’m addicted to submission to my Mistress and i can’t imagine any other way to be. Her gentle commanding and sexy voice takes You easily into a deep trance and Mistress reveals the truth about the pleasure of submitting to Her. A very intense and wonderful experience and i would recommend it to any slave seeking to surrender themselves more to Mistress Amethyst. Thank You Mistress.

  8. QuietMan (verified owner)

    This is a difficult review to write. This file just knocks me out, and I can only remember parts of it, no matter how many times l listen to it. So I have to go with what I feel and not so much what I remember.

    The first thing that stands out for me is the induction. In this file Mistress Amethyst describes what it is like for her when she goes into deep trance. It creates a connection to her that I don’t feel in other inductions. It feels like a shared experience. That is a very powerful feeling for this submissive boy. To be allowed the privilege of sharing something this personal with Mistress is an incredible experience. I think that is why I go so deep in this file. I want to share this experience with her so badly.

    Obviously this file is about submissive training. However, I cannot remember much of the verbiage. Which is rare for me. I usually don’t get amnesia while trancing. But I will say this. I can feel the training. It is there in my bones and my subconscious. And the effect is very powerful. And it feels very good. This file leaves me feeling very good about myself.

    Like a lot of submissive males I have struggled at times with my submissive feelings. This file has really helped me to accept being submissive. There is nothing wrong with me. It is what I am. I can embrace these feelings and not try to hide them. This is such a wonderful gift.

    Mistress Amethyst makes it so easy to submit to her. In part because of the trust I have developed for her. She makes it easier to accept her domination and freely submit to her. This file is just one example of that.

    Thank you Mistress Amethyst for making this wonderful file. Thank you for leading me to a point to where I can accept and embrace my submissive feelings. You are the best.

  9. Squip

    This is a wonderful session for anyone interested in submitting in a smooth and gentle way. The induction is particularly noteworthy, because Mistress Amethyst not only creates a relaxing atmosphere, but rather an intimate one. By sharing her own experiences of trance she builds a connection between speaker and listener that surpasses a regular induction. She knows what it is like to be in your position, regardless of the little differences in experiencing trance. Hypnosis is not something that she merely induces and you experience. It is a journey the both of you embark on together. She leads, but she fully acknowledges your role as part of it.

    This felt connection makes the induction very enjoyable and effective. It promotes trust in the hypnotist, and trust is one of the most important factors in relaxing enough to go into trance. I certainly went deep under.

    The programming part of the session is exactly what you expect from the description. She nurtures your need to submit to her on multiple layers. She does that in her usual, sweet and non-humiliating way. This fits the induction perfectly. It is crucial that the need to submit is not based on being degraded in any way, because she built the trusting connection on shared experiences. Being equal to some extent is the premise of this session. Any humiliation would destroy this premise. Mistress Amethyst manages to endorse equality and still makes you submit yourself to her. You submit not because you are inherently worse, but rather because you want to. You need to. This is an incredible feat and makes the whole script very well-rounded.

    This is an excellent session for anyone who searches for submission without humiliation.

  10. Tized

    I can’t believe I haven’t reviewed this amazing session earlier. I’ve listened to it tens of times and every time it’s different and more powerful. In Mistress Amethyst’s magnificent catalogue of FemDom hypnosis files I consider Insatiable Submission one of the cornerstone sessions on the road to true submission to Her.

    This time around, Mistress has a beautifully original approach to the induction as She guides you to experience what She’s seen and felt being in trance Herself. Needless to say the session is very visual in a very otherworldy fashion. Mistress leads you confidently and sensually from total darkness into a ride through colour and light, something that reminds me of the psychedelic ‘wormhole’ sequence of 2001: A Space Odyssey. And this is just the induction part of the file.

    If you’re open to Mistress’ art of super sensual hypnosis like I am, you go deep. Really deep. Then it’s time for the powerful programming part of the session where She enhances your need to submit to Her. It’s an easy job for Her at this point because you feel so completely comfortable and beautifully in love. And in the end you just want to take the ride again, and again.

    Absorbing Mistress’ truths is the most pleasurable experience known to man, at least this one.

  11. Vincent (verified owner)

    Insatiable Submission is flat-out incredible! Mistress Amethyst takes you on a journey that’s kind of psychedelic. I don’t know what it was about this session that made it stand out from other sessions from Mistress Amethyst, but this one sent me very, very deep. The layered tracks were done very well, I didn’t even notice there was more than one track until my third or fourth listen.
    The background music was also done very well. Having served other Mistresses before being enslaved by Mistress Amethyst, I can better appreciate just how artfully Mistress Amethyst puts Her sessions together. No single element of any given session intrudes on another, they’re all combined to create a harmonious whole designed for one thing, to drop the listener deep and bathe them in sweet submission to Mistress Amethyst.
    This session is unique in that, for some reason, I felt incredibly blissful and nurtured and seduced to give up more of myself to my fantastic Mistress, to trust Her even more than before. I was so incredibly blissed out when I managed to somehow climb out of trance that the only thing I can think to compare the blissed out sensation to is the after-glow of orgasm.
    This is a superb session for getting lost in and float in for hours. I felt so incredible after this session that it was a struggle to get going after I came out of trance. Anyone listening to this session will find out for themselves just how addicting it is. I feel completely hooked on Mistress Amethyst’s control. What’s funny is that I don’t think there’s any mention of becoming addicted to Mistress Amethyst’s voice, although many of Her sessions incorporate such elements. This session is too hot to miss, it’s just too good to not lose yourself to the control and power of Mistress Amethyst!

  12. Amethyt’s money $ slave

    It’s no secret that i am hooked on everything that Mistress Amethyst creates! But some titles are better than others. Insatiable Submission is one of Her most hypnotic, one of Her most erotic creations! Mistress Amethyst is all about pleasure & She succeeds in delivering boat loads full of erotic orgasmic pleasure in Insatiable Submission! If you like an intense erotic orgasmic deep trance experience then you should consider this most seductive & addictive hypnotic mind fuck! Mistress Amethyst will definitely have you craving more of Her lovely, seductive & hypnotic voice! She will also have you craving to serve Her! i recommend that you submit to Her completely & accept Her suggestions, your open & eager mind & your hard cock will be glad that you did!

  13. whisperslave

    One can glean from the title this file is about insatiable and submission. Yet, there is more. Much, much more. There is addiction. Addiction to Amethyst’s voice. To arousal. Yes, always arousal. To deep trance. Ever deeper trance which is tied to arousal which is tied to her voice which is tied to falling deeper ever deeper. All of which is tied to insatiable addiction. The the cherry on top of this file is how Amethyst ties all of it into submission to her on every level of your being. Level upon level of submission wrapped up in arousal, deep trance, love of her voice, and insatiable addiction. In short, this file is magnificent. One listening would be life altering. Daily listening might just become your life.

  14. Christopher

    Another great recording by Mistress Amethyst.

    Her silky, clear and erotic voice will guide you into a very deep hypnosis. Throghout the recording you will feel the urge to submit further to Mistress Amethyst. And you will obey her, because obedience is pleasure.

    If you like to get closer to Mistress Amethyst and you like a very deep hypnosis, this recording is for you!

    – very deep hypnosis
    – as usual, very high quality recording

  15. origamisoldier

    Insatiable Submissive is a great second addition to the Insatiable series, and the resemblance to Trance Junkie is very much there. While I enjoy both, I feel this is the file I could connect with more (and not just because I got the sponsored version). The tone of the session is great! It was nice to open my mind to Mistress Amethyst in a more relaxed setting. I love a good mind fuck, but sometimes it’s nice to experience something more sensual. All of the programming themes of submission were something I really identified with. Ever since I took the Journey, I’ve known that I finally found the Mistress I can submit freely to. My previous hypnotic experiences were leading me towards this eventuality. All I want now is to deepen that submission. The session builds the desire for both the action of submission, and the state of being of submission. The induction was great. With some of her other inductions I waft between the main and secondary tracks, but for this one I was focused intently on the main track, as Mistress Amethyst explains what she experiences when she trances. It was great to learn more about her and connect with her in a new way. The session is intended to be a loop, but it’s not crafted like her other loop files. It’s much longer, and there’s a copyright disclaimer at the front of the file. While the copyright intro may not make this file a perfect loop, it’s definitely one you’ll want to play over and over again! It’s the kind of session where you can find something new each time you trance. Mistress Amethyst is right as always. I do love to be her Insatiable Submissive!

    This session was also my first $200 level sponsorship. Getting a special intro and outro was great, and the echo track throughout was fantastic as always. Many including myself are happy to admit that we just melt when Mistress Amethyst says our name in a session.

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