SLIP Into Helpless Surrender

SLIP Into Helpless Surrender


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41 minutes


Triggered – Mindless – Helpless!

Mistress Amethyst is coming after your helpless mind, and this is exactly what you’ve been craving!!  A dominant, mesmerizing woman wants to have influence over you, and you find yourself so helpless, that there’s nothing else for you to do, but surrender!

Sink DEEP under my spell and drop DOWN into a mindlessly, helpless state of surrender.

You NEED this!

You WANT this!

Begin your surrender, RIGHT NOW!

In this file, I will guide you down, trigger you, and then pull you down even further into a long brainwashing experience.


  • Multi voice track programming / Layered voice tracks
  • Triggers:  SLIP, DEEP
  • Delta brainwave technology
  • Count Up at the end:  No
  • Humiliation:  No
  • Themes:  Deep FemDom Hypnosis, Hypnotic Triggers, Submission
  • 41 Minutes

For best results, please listen to my FREE file: SLIP Into Mindlessness

Erotic Hypnosis & FemDom Hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst of Copyright 2017

DISCLAIMER:  As with any hypnosis session, results vary.  For entertainment purposes only. By purchasing or indulging in this product on or off of this site, you consent fully to any physical or mental consequences that may result from experiencing the content within the product, and expressively waive any claims or complaints that you may have as a result thereof. You fully acknowledge and consent that you will only do things that you desire to do of your own free will and choosing, and that I have no power to force or make you do anything that you do not wish to do. This product may contain binaural tones which may be unsuitable for some people, such as those who suffer from epileptic seizures. Seek medical advice before indulging and discontinue use if you experience any negative consequences.  Only listen to this file while in a safe environment, preferably  lying down.  NEVER listen while operating machinery of any kind.



  1. New happiness

    I just want to listen to this file over and over. Mistress Amethyst’s presence can be felt as you listen to this file. I had a feeling of being safe.. of not worrying about the noise of tge outside world and embraced the message of the file. If only all of us could helplessly surrender to Mistress Amethyst.

  2. Muol

    File is one of the most effective I’ve listened to. At first felt disappointed by the fact the main part is looped twice, those feelings have been replaced with the words of mistress quietly repeating in the back of my head.

  3. vaooa (verified owner)

    From the moment I pressed play on a sample audio on Mistress Amethyst’s website, I have been helpless to resist her voice. Now with each listen to this session, she takes me on my next steps into surrender, into craving her control, into submitting my mind and body to her, into addiction to her voice and her commands. I follow helplessly.

  4. Hombre oscuro (verified owner)

    Sweepingly powerful! Gloriously overwhelming!

    This recording sweeps away your will as mistress’s voices fills your mind and transforms you into her desperately aching, willing slave!

    Her words become your thoughts and all of her recordings take you deeper and give her greater access to your will so that she can make you a better slave more capable of serving her. This might sound frightening to those who have not yet reached total surrender, but it is worth taking the plunge to find yourself in your new identity as Amethyst’s helpless, mindless, devoted slave!

  5. sml (verified owner)

    This is a guided tour into a state of helpless surrender. Mistress Amethyst leads you carefully through all facets of surrendering. You probably enjoy reading and thinking about these, but this is not reading or thinking. This is reality happening in your mind. The emotional impact when understanding that this could be about me is quite amazing. Her voice is soft and mesmerizing, but her words petrify me. I helplessly surrender to her control, every time, but I come back, yearning to experience it again.

    As with most of Mistress Amethyst’s sessions, it gets better and better the more you listen to it. You may think that your resistance will strengthen. That is not the case. You become weaker and weaker, and more and more helplessly susceptible to her charm and her power. The file includes a long pleasant brainwashing section at the end, programming you to accept and enjoy your helpless state of surrender. You will return to this file for more and more.

  6. blank (verified owner)

    such a good file! Mistress does wonderful job of enticing your mind deeper and deeper into Her power and makes it feels like the best idea that your mind has ever heard. her “Slip” suggestion word is used in many of Her other files, so this file helps make all Her other files stronger and better, which is exactly what you want! thank You for another wonderful session with Your lovely and powerful voice and words, Mistress!

  7. rodimus (verified owner)

    SLIP into Helpless Surrender is a little bit different of a file than Mistress normally puts out. After the initial induction, it’s almost 40 solid minutes of deepening into helplessness and brainwashing.

    For me, thinking back on it now it’s all a blur of triggers, countdowns and submission. It’s a hell of a thing to helpless for Mistress for that long.

    This is a file those devoted to Mistress should have in their arsenal.

  8. Anthony85

    I got to say I want to Surrender My Everything to Amethyst. This Session left me feeling so submissive and blissful that I have not felt in a very long time. I want to keep going on this journey of submission and always be a good submissive for my mistress. I love You Mistress Amethyst, and I will Always be a good boy.

  9. Anthony85

    Slip into Complete Surrender- I got to say I want to Surrender My Everything to Amethyst. This Session left me feeling so submissive and blissful that I have not felt in a very long time. I want to keep going on this journey of submission and always be a good submissive for my mistress. I love You Mistress Amethyst, and I will Always be a good boy.

  10. Jean-Claude (verified owner)

    It’s with Slip into Helpless Surrender i have been cathed and seduce by Mistress Amethyst and who has makes me addicted.
    As I am deeply into trances the 3 Magic’s words Submet, Obey And Serve triggers my arrousal and I have a climb of arrousal at each snap of her fingers.
    During the listening it increases and I stay completely weak and helplessness to the brainwashing of Amethyst . Also This audios makes me feel like a mouse with which she play with.
    I Love particularly The personalized version which is very powerful and the loop files that I can listen without being into trances.

  11. Voyager (verified owner)

    My experience with this file is apparently a little different, yet exceptionally pleasant.

    When I need to “check out” and feel good, I hand Mistress my mind. She takes it over and a little later gives it back. I vaguely remember what was said, all of it kind. While in her hands, I doubt I could stop early unless there is an emergency. More importantly, why would I? Being held securely is so nice! In other words, she doesn’t win by beating you up. She makes you want it. This reminds me of her file “Surrender”. It seems to work the same way!

    If being nice is attractive, this file is a massive magnet. Thank you for this!

    Effective, kind, enjoyable, pleasant!

    Now, here’s that damn “Submit” button again! I wish it said “Submit to Mistress Amethyst!”

  12. JohnSmith (verified owner)

    i love the mesmerizing quality of this file. exposure to this file makes submission and helplessness seem so enticing. i want more, so i’ve ordered a personalized version of the file. even without the personalization, the file seems to have taken my addiction to a new level. i think i’m going deeper than ever before.

  13. Lord Epicure (verified owner)

    Feel so weak and eager to please Mistress Amethyst !

    One fact that i am sure and i love is Mistress Amethyst takes me into a very deep state of obedience and agreement for all of her suggestions.
    There is a strong feeling to be led in a very deep state of hypnosis. A blend between Brain drain loop and Slip into complete surrender.
    Addicted to this recording, needing to be helpless under Mistress Amethyst spell.
    Been triggered like this is so enjoyable and makes me so weak.
    Thank you Mistress, you are the only one true Goddess has true power over me !

  14. able82 (verified owner)

    I have to say this file just blew my mind. I love brainwashing files (as we all might) but WOW did this just hit the hypno sweet spot! Listening to Mistress’ voice and being helpless under it’s power is such a thrill for me. As her voice starts my mind just melts at it, helpless to having her voice become my thoughts. Helpless to just listen and obey her. Listening to “Slip into Mindlessness” is strongly recommended in my opinion. It will help in your journey to being helpless for Mistress, and we all want to be helpless for her. The feeling of helplessness is it’s own reward. Thank you Mistress for taking the time to make this file! I very much love this file!

  15. david

    Thank You Mistress there’s no better feeling than to be mindless with only Your voice and thoughts in my head. I can’t wait to see what is next.

  16. Tized

    This is the kind of file that represents pure bliss to a hypno-addict like myself. In fact, this session is such bliss that I’m not verbally able to describe it properly since I zone out completely after the first few minutes. I’m writing this after having listened to it for the fourth time and the end result is always he same – *blank*.

    I have a long history with Mistress Amethyst and I’m very responsive to Her various triggers, and She uses them a lot in this session (for best effect I would recommend getting familiar with at least one or two of these files: SLIP Into Mindlessness, Deep Down Loop and Submit). Here’s a few emotions I know I’ve felt during these magical 40 minutes: safety, trust, peace, surrender, arousal, submission, adoration and love.

    Damn, I think I’ll do it again.

  17. Always Agree

    This is the best file that Mistress Amethyst has released to date. It is true that after listening to so many of her files for as long as I have that this file has a stronger impact on me. But this file, beyond any others, really gets at the core of what it is to be a submissive and to give yourself over to her control.

    Whenever I am taken under by Mistress Amethyst, there’s a slow fade out in the noise inside my brain. I think about being hypnotized, the physical sensations of it, etc. Then as the session continues, that fades out, but this file takes that to an entirely new level. Never before have I woken up with as strong of a craving to submit further to her control. To serve her more. It’s simply remarkable.

    If you’re new to her, you’ll want to spend some time on the Slip into Mindlessness file as well as the Deep Down loop to get trained on the triggers that are used heavily in this file. So this may not be the best starting point, but wow is it fantastic when it all comes together.

    I’m so grateful that I started this journey with Mistress Amethyst, and this file reminds me so strongly of why I was drawn to her. Thank you mistress!

  18. Beau R

    Ohhh… Wow.

    This one is truly next-level brainwashing, featuring a subtle induction liberally laced with Mistress Amethyst’s triggers, and segueing into a blissful, timeless soak in some of the most erotic and softly insistent hypnotic programming i can *almost* remember; the effects have filled me with an overwhelming desire to please and obey Mistress, as well as a powerful craving for more of Her enchanting voice!

  19. Sissy Desiree

    WOW thankyou Mistress for another blissful trance, i just keep going deeper and deeper into the beautiful soft sensual voice of yours and this time was the deepest ive ever gone, i started listening and falling deep and i dont know when it happened but i dropped so far down it was like i was sleeping , i dont remember most of it , but all i can think about now is my urge to go even deeper, to please you in everyway i can. I warn people this is a very powerful hypnosis and will make your mind puddy for Mistress to mold , my mind is now the property of Mistress Amethyst , theres no more resistance just complete obedience to my new owner , i crave to serv and obey so badly , all i want to do is go deeper and deeper and make Mistress ‘ life easier and i love every minute of this deep control Mistress has over me . I just want more and more , to slip into helpless surrender was orgasmic bliss and waking up after i felt 100 times better, refreshed and ready to serve my Mistress! Listen to this file if you want to fall very deep and have your mind owned by Mistress, there is no resisting , her words/ voice are too powerful much easier to just let go <3

  20. guyinatrance (verified owner)

    Yes Mistress thank You Mistress, You are what i need! You are what i crave! Your control feels so right! Deep surrender to You is so right! i submit to You Mistress Amethyst! i will obey & serve You! i feel safe under Your influence! i am so aroused when i hand over my mind to You, Mistress! i need You Mistress! it feels so right to serve You, Mistress! Mistress Amethyst is hypnosis! Mistress Amethyst is pleasure! Mistress Amethyst is Everything i need! Highest Recommendation!

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