The Secret Trigger – Sissy Edition

The Secret Trigger – Sissy Edition


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34 minutes


The Greatest Trigger You Won’t Remember

This femdom session uses highly effective hypnosis techniques and brainwashing to drain your brain, unlike any other session I have to offer.

To reveal the contents of this session would spoil it’s effects, so please study the features section below carefully.

Prepare for a very deep hypnotic experience where your brain will be drained, and you will come away feeling absolutely wonderful.

P.S.  This might be the best session I’ve ever released.

PLEASE NOTE:  This session is nearly identical to The Secret Trigger.  The only difference between the two session is the trigger programming section and corresponding background voice track.


  • Secondary ASMR/Whisper background tracks carefully written & performed
  • Fractionation:  Mild – come up partially, only peak out of your eyes (not full eye opening), then drop back down deeper from that point.  
  • Triggers Used:  DEEP, Down, and Fade Out
  • Secret Trigger:  Yes, but I’m not revealing it
  • Should you be concerned about embarrassment?  No
  • Mistress Amethyst worship commands:  No
  • Financial Domination:  No
  • Suggestions to buy more from Mistress Amethyst:  No
  • Amnesia Suggestions:  Yes
  • Humiliation:  No
  • Cum Command:  No.  No erotic content
  • Mindfuckery:  Yes
  • Count Up at the end:  Yes
  • Themes:  Femdom hypnosis;  sissy hypno, trigger hypnosis, submissive training, deep trance
  • 34 Minutes

Erotic Hypnosis & FemDom Hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst of Copyright 2018

DISCLAIMER:  As with any hypnosis session, results vary.  For entertainment purposes only. By purchasing or indulging in this product on or off of this site, you consent fully to any physical or mental consequences that may result from experiencing the content within the product, and expressively waive any claims or complaints that you may have as a result thereof. You fully acknowledge and consent that you will only do things that you desire to do of your own free will and choosing, and that I have no power to force or make you do anything that you do not wish to do. This product may contain binaural tones which may be unsuitable for some people, such as those who suffer from epileptic seizures. Seek medical advice before indulging and discontinue use if you experience any negative consequences.  Only listen to this file while in a safe environment, preferably  lying down.  NEVER listen while operating machinery of any kind.



  1. Tony (verified owner)

    It feels so good to be triggered into a deep, mindless brain drain by Mistress Amethyst. It is so comforting and reassuring when she takes me deep down. She releases me from all my tension and leaves me feeling relaxed. She loosens my grip, so that I let go as I am held in the embrace of trance. She takes me into a dark sea of forgetfulness and pleasure. It is delicious to float in this sea, where the waves feel as though they are inside of me radiating pleasure and making me tingle as they wash in and out. Thank you, Mistress, for this blissful experience of being brain drained.

  2. Sissy Jill (verified owner)

    I’m cautious about ruining the surprise so this review may be a little different than others of mine. I actually own both the Sissy and Non-sissy versions of The Secret Trigger and they’re both fabulous. I’ve actually played a game where they’re both in a playlist and I just hit shuffle, not knowing what I’ll get – makes for a fun surprise.

    The thing that I remember best about this recording is how deep you go. Mistress wants you so deep so when she implants her trigger it will take hold. Now, her trigger is a little mischievous but nothing that will ruin you. It’s not completely innocent and it’s a little naughty.

    If you’re looking for a small little walk on the wild side, trigger placement, and (possibly) a little public humiliation – if someone is near by if your trigger is tripped – buy this one now!

  3. Steven (verified owner)

    I listened to ‘The Secret Trigger – Sissy Edition’ earlier this morning for the 1st time (no chance for a repeat listen yet)…

    The induction includes a lovely bit of ericksonian-style preamble that sets up expectations and simultaneously starts leading you down the garden path in a way that is subtle and with great use of hypnotic language – I found myself in total agreement with every word Mistress Amethyst said even before she dropped in the 1st of many triggers with the lightest of touches (in that deliciously conversational way she likes to do)….

    By the time Mistress reached the countdown I was floating in a haze of pleasure with the sound of her voice seemingly more important than the words she was saying – I often find myself snapping back to myself when I trance and then drifting off again, and while that was the case here too – my conscious mind never really interfered much beyond answering ‘Yes Mistress’ at opportune moments…

    I did remember the trigger – but I should note that amnesia suggestions can be a bit hit and miss with me and because I knew going in that this file contained a secret trigger and amnesia suggestions it’s possible that the excitement and anticipation changed the way my mind processed it – because I have in the past come out of trance dozens of times after listening to Mistress Amethyst and had almost no idea at all what happened while I was under…

    Overall my experience of this file was extremely blissful and wonderfully relaxing.. and this session left my brain completely drained and empty in the best possible way… I’ll have to see what happens with repeat listens to comment on the effectiveness of the trigger – and without giving away any spoilers, I can’t wait to experience the results…

    Summing up – (Yet) another piece of beautifully crafted hypnotic art by Mistress Amethyst – who seems to consistently raise the bar (and my expectations) on what is possible within the medium of erotic hypnosis… First Class!

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