Countdown To Sleep

Countdown To Sleep


Your mind becomes hazier and hazier….. sleepier and sleeper. Oh how you want to feel this sensation. You need it. You must have it! Now!

20 minutes


Get ready for a sensational loop MP3 – Countdown To Sleep.  Hit play / repeat, lay back, and get ready for Mistress Amethyst to count you down into a deep hypnotic sleep.

The Countdown & Sleep triggers are reinforced in the most erotic way, causing you to experience that incredible complexity of profound arousal as well as that deep hypnotic sleepiness. This loop uses a little bit of conversational FemDom/Erotic hypnosis mixed with double voice background tracks, that whisper to your mind.

In this recording, I want you to listen to the soothing sounds of my voice and the words that I say to you.  Each time that I count you down, you drop deeper and deeper into an aroused state of hypnosis.  Adding the Sleep trigger only compounds the effect.

A strange hypnotic complexity…. Where you continue to go deeper & deeper into a hypnotic state of sleeeeeeep with each descending count.  All the while, your sex becomes sooooo engorged with arousal…. Throbbing & pulsing stronger with each descending number.  Your mind becomes hazier and hazier….. sleepier and sleeper.  Oh how you want to feel this sensation.  You need it.  You must have it!  Now!

Please Note: Loops are meant to be played on repeat over & over, OR as an addition to a full length recording, so there is not a formal induction. There will be conversational hypnosis with a secondary voice track with relaxation instructions;  FemDom Hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst of  Theta brainwaves;   20 Minutes  Copyright 2014


  1. Sleepy4Amethyst

    This is my favorite trance file. It’s so soft, yet so commanding. Mistress Amethyst is a master of her craft and it shows. One minute, you’re marveling at how soft and soothing her voice can be, so smooth, so alluring.. and then you’re out. Amazing pacing. Lures you in with the sweetest tones.. and then puts you right to sleep. When I listen to this file I cannot stop thinking about Mistress Amethyst, for days.

    This file keeps coming back for me again, and again, and again. Every time I am surprised at how powerful it is. 100/10. Love it. Perfection

  2. Alex Thompson (verified owner)

    I never dropped so hard my whole life!

    In this session Mistress takes us deep, down. Training you to respond to her addictive, seductive voice as she counts you down into a hypnotic SLEEP. Here you will learn about the true power of Mistress as she masterfully programs your brain to respond in arousal and servitude to the trigger of her counting down. Dropping you more and more into her trance as you turn into her willing, deep, submissive, horny slave. Mistress toying with your brain endlessly until soon all you can think is about is obeying and serving her more. Paralysed by all the pleasure she gives you in all the right places. It’s ecstastic.

    I wont lie, by the end of this loop I was a blank drooling mess. Unable to think. Unable to move. Conditioned further into my growing addiction for Mistresses voice. Needing to listen more. Knowing that all it now takes is her words and counting to send me spiralling back down into her hypnotic grasp. Mind open to be played with again.

    This is the perfect session for those interested in exploring further into Mistress Amethysts files. As a beginner myself I had my doubts about what you can truly achieve with trance but I can promise you that you will never have those doubts again after listening to this. This file will show you what a great hypnotist like Amethyst can achieve with a willing mind and I’m not sure if I can ever go back.

    So please, have a go! You wont regret it….

  3. Lord Epicure (verified owner)


    Such a good conditionning !
    I would never have thought that my mind would so deeply conditionned to respond quickly to that sweet triger, and I would never have imagined that this response send to me such powerful waves of arousal. Also, here is a goood reinforcement of Obedience command, and you will love that.
    The induction, is quite quick, and you begin to feel a strong urge to relax, and Obey. Relaxing more and more, and start to go deep, no thought, just a strong sensation of arousal growing more and more in your body.
    When the sleep Command is given, your mind will already taken by Mistress and you will obey gently, immediately and you will sink into the depths, ready to receive Mistress programming. Oh i love that programming. And even has this moment I have the urge to listen it again, and again, just before sleep.
    This recording is essential so that your conditionning is completed and allows you to react perfectly and quickly to all Mistress Amethyst that you will hear in all of her magnificent recording.
    Sleep is so good for my Mistress

    Open your mind, you are safe with Mistress Amethyst,

  4. QuietMan (verified owner)

    Countdown to Sleep is another example of Mistress Amethyst’s mastery (mistery?) of the loop genre. I am amazed how deep I can go in such a short time. This is a 20 minute loop, but the overall effect is like that of a much longer file.

    The premise is simple. The more you respond to her “sleep” and “countdown” triggers the hornier you get. There is a delicious dichotomy to this file. Usually when I get this aroused my body gets very tense. In this file I am as limp as a dish rag. Well, there is one body part exception. 🙂 The overall effect is that all of the pleasure is “centrally” located. This file is addicting because the more you listen the stronger the effect. Yum.

    I really like the induction on this file. Mistress uses the sexiest and most alluring voice. Mmmmmmmm. Delicious.

    Like all her loops you can listen to them as stand alone files, or stack them with your favorite sexy file. It is like getting a twofer. I really like to stack her loops with a sexy file. It really enhances the enjoyment.

    The only issue I have is when I loop the file. I usually listen to loops on auto-repeat. The “sleep” trigger is very powerful and it is very difficult to come out of trance. There is no wake up command. One of these days I may not wake up. LOL

    This little loop is a gem. I highly recommend it. Thank you Mistress Amethyst.

  5. Vincent

    I can only compare listening to this file to drowning and liking it. Drowning and needing to be drowned. It’s definitely something you’ll never forget(unless you’re commanded to forget!). Mistress seduces you to a point where you’re positive you’ll explode or lose your mind. You only have one real choice, though;obey. Mistress hits you hard with this recording. It’s like being hit with a baseball bat upside the head, but instead of being hit with a Louisville Slugger, Mistress hits you with a…what, Hypno-Slugger? (I’m open to suggestions on a name here)

  6. kegler718

    This loop is intense pleasure overload and positively addictive. The more I listen the more insanely pleasurable it gets for me. Mistress Amethyst uses her countdown trigger and her sleep trigger. Every time I listen her voice gets sexier and sexier. The trance gets deeper and deeper. The arousal gets more and more intense. Can it get any better than this?

    She suggests that each time you listen the sleep trigger will have a stronger effect. Her suggestions in this recording work so well on me. She says “You want more. You must have more. You need more.” And she does it in such a sexy way that I can’t resist obeying her and let that suggestion take root in my subconscious. It’s kind of like a positive feedback loop. It just keeps getting better and better. She really has conditioned and programmed my mind to LOVE looping this recording over and over again. I WANT more!

    As she has puts your subconscious mind in a very receptive state she seduces the heck out of you. You will find that more than ever you will want to obey every command she gives you because resistance is impossible. You will go deeeeper and deeeeper every time. You will be turned on more every time. You will love every brainwashing second. Maybe Mistress should put a warning label on this loop because the pleasure you experience may cause you to be unable to remove your headphones for hours and hours. I’m serious. I looped it in bed about an hour before I had to get up and get ready for work the other day. I figured that would give me enough time to get a quick dose of my Mistress Amethyst fix. But her voice in this loop draws me in so powerfully and so seductively I didn’t want her to ever stop. I hit the snooze button on my alarm twice before realizing I really had to go to work.

    This is definitely my favorite Mistress Amethyst loop… far.

    Very sensual
    Extremely pleasurable
    Deep trance

  7. Mark (verified owner)

    After having added the Countdown to Sleep to my library it turned me on so much that I had to request a personalized version. Something that I desire very much is to get to a condition that I fall deep and fast for Mistress Amethyst with just a word. Her one of a kind amazing voice just melts me the moment I hear it. She easily get me to relax and follow her commands and obey. The thought of Her silken voice commanding me to Sleep and I drop like a rock is so intensely arousing. . It makes it so much more personal hearing Mistress Amethyst whisper my name in the background. It is so mind numbing that I tend to focus on the background and let the main track just flow right in. I know that all I could do was to concentrate on being mesmerized and going deep into hypnotic sleep to Her voice. I just wanted to obey and drop Deep for Mistress Amethyst. While I was going deeper, my sex was getting harder and harder. The arousal Mistress Amethyst’s I must obey Mistress Amethyst’s commands. All I can think is that I want more of Her voice seducing my mind to sleep. I let the loop repeat through the night for my first listen. I went to sleep aroused, woke up aroused, and had Mistress Amethyst’s voice ringing in my head most of the rest of the day. I love being brainwashed to be aroused, sleep and obey. Her caring, loving, sincere guidance and friendship has me completely under her spell. I obey Mistress Amethyst. I serve Mistress Amethyst. I am convinced that this file will take me to the place I desire to be. I know that I will fall deeply and completely into hypnotic Sleep for Mistress Amethyst, and this file is the ideal path for that to happen. One listen and you will want only to sleep for Mistress Amethyst. Her soft, dulcet, sexy voice will capture your mind and cause incredible arousal.

  8. Mark (verified owner)

    I had no choice but add this file to my collection the moment it came out! I am totally addicted to Mistress Amethyst’s voice! The though of succumbing to Her sexy sensuous voice into a state of “sleep” was arousing by itself. What I will say is, I LOVE the Countdown to Sleep loop. OMG! It is so absolutely arousing and insanely relaxing at the same time. Every time I heard the Sleep (snap), I felt my mind and body relaxing more and more, but, at the same time, Amethyst’s completely mesmerizing voice drove up the arousal level. There is simply nothing as silky smooth, sexy, sensuous, and completely addicting as Amethyst’s voice. I only ran the loop twice this time and zoned out enough to only remember the beginning and the end. and it has me completely hooked. I must Obey and trance more to Mistress Amethyst. I must Sleep for Mistress Amethyst.

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