Cum Clean

Cum Clean


Deep hypnotic programming for Erotic Creampie clean up – MP3 for couples. Turn your fantasy into a reality – lick your wife or girlfriend clean after sex

31 minutes


Hypnosis MP3 – Erotic Creampie clean up for couples

Turn your fantasy into a reality – lick your wife clean after sex.

This deep programming hypnosis MP3 uses NLP, repetitions, and layered tracks to brainwash your mind into following through on your desire to show your wife/girlfriend how much her pleasure means to you.

Cleaning her after sex is a way to extend her pleasure, as well as demonstrate how you worship her.


  • Induction:  Includes some “Deep” (snap) triggering
  • Multi voice track programming / Layered voice tracks
  • Main voice track has a left/right effect (similar to Obedient Mind)
  • Creampie Fetish 
  • Style:  Heavy programming using NLP, repetitions & layered tracks
  • Count Up at the end
  • Audience:  Male;  No specific mention of “wife” or “girlfriend” – only “her” is mentioned.
  • 31 Minutes

Erotic Hypnosis & FemDom Hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst of Copyright 2016. 


  1. Jean (verified owner)

    After one week of chastity with Journey into Devotion (what a Journey! you should buy this other file right now!) , my wife had become frustrated, nervous, asking me questions, wondering what was happening to me.

    Mistress provided me by email with a great advice: I should listen the husband files (= files for couples) and do something extra special for my wife.

    Following Her advice I listened to several of the husband files, most importantly Cum Clean. This is a very powerful conditioning file which makes you hungry to lick your wife’s pussy clean after sex… Wow! And the induction is so profound that it makes it extremely tempting…

    I was fantasizing about the idea when I accidently bumped into my wife in the bathroom… she was nude and obviously horny after more than one week without fucking.

    We kissed and caressed each other and fucked very quickly, we both came in a couple of minutes, after the week of chastity we were too excited. For me, I was thinking only about Mistress Amethyst and preparing myself to lick this pussy clean…
    Immediately after climax, she was lying on the bed, I moved my head towards her pussy. My wife has a very nice pink pussy. I have licked it many times although not after cumming into it! I gently touched her wet lips with my two fingers and opened them a bit, a drop of my own cum was already leaking out. I have tasted my cum before and I know that I can eat it, I am not so disgusted. I touched with the tip of my tongue and then pressed my mouth against the open cunt, pushing my tongue deep inside…

    I kind of liked the taste of our mixed juices. My wife was surprised at the beginning but quickly showed me that she liked it too. She put her hand on my head, encouraging me to continue licking, she was moaning gently… I took my time, licking again and again, caressing and carefully cleaning her pussy with my tongue and lips.

    At the end I turned over to her and kissed her. She was surprised again but accepted my kiss without real reluctance. The taste of my cum and her juice was on and in my mouth.

    I was so horny I could have fucked her again.

  2. Lord Epicure (verified owner)

    Just an add on, from my previous post !

    Always so sweet to listen, great loop deeply absorbed and embed in my mind, No more inhibitions. And now a strong urge to make this magnificient gift to my lover.
    I am ready, but I have to put my wife has the ease, because it has to be a little bit reluctant has that I go down between the thighs aprés the orgasm. May be i wil have better luck to succed in a facesitting position.

  3. Lord Epicure (verified owner)

    Disinhibition !

    A sweet approach for a new habbit.
    I should specify that the process is in progress for my part.
    Induction is very strong, leading you in deep erotic trance. After all conditionning takes a sweet place and you should focus your mind on one fact : “Whitout any hesitations” is the key !
    So you have to listen this as often as possible.
    NOW after several session, i am eager to clean my lover’s pussy after sex. However i still have a little hesitation, so don’t hesitate to work hard on this file to bring down your inhibitions.
    Before listening this file, don’t forget to listen #BrainDrainLoop to spread wide open your mind and #ObedientMind.
    A great gift for your partner….

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