Journey Into Devotion
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Journey Into Devotion



Each day, for 7 days, you will be given a sexy task related to a trait that I value in a submissive. Not only is this fun, it can transform you as a submissive. Enjoy!

35 minutes

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Seven Days Of Submissive Training

The long treasured and enjoyed Journey Into Devotion is back!

This Journey has been enjoyed by so many boys over the years, and I’ve been requested to bring it back!  Isn’t that exciting?  Yes!!

In this Journey…

You will perform tasks, each day, which were designed to train you and make you a better submissive

You will receive a training audio, as well as a PDF of the daily tasks.  Please only work on one day at a time.


  1. Alex Thompson (verified owner)

    The best journey I have ever been on

    This file WILL turn you into a devoted slave and you will have little say in the matter. Mistress skilfully takes you down and then programs your mind relentlessly until all you can do is obey her every command she gives you. Some of these commands can be hard, but you will have little resistance to them. Knowing that the pleasure you will get after completing them is worth everything.

    I started this journey for a bit of curious fun, but now that I have completed it I am addicted to Mistress Amethyst. Her voice, her control over me and the pleasure she makes me feel has changed my inner being. I now think about her daily, and yearn to please her in anyway. Changed into her growing devoted slave. If you are interested in taking your hypno-fetish into a more femdom direction this is the perfect file for you!

  2. Bruce (verified owner)

    This session will break down your will to resist. Spends time on relaxation before you drift off into another world. Thats where she plants the seeds of submission in your mind. As the week progresses her seeds grow from within until you are filled with all things Amethyst. There are also daily tasks to complete which keeps you focussed on her. By the end of the week you are under her control. It is an amazing journey.

  3. jesse.charles (verified owner)

    I am most grateful for Mistress Amethyst, for the beauty and power of Her voice, and for the clarity of Her vision: which inspires such confidence and trust in me. I find that I can so easily slip off unnecessary mental layers, exposing to Her my naked mind, open up to Her so completely, and passively allow Her voice to fill the throbbing contours of my receptive soul. As Her message comes and goes, in strong and mysterious rhythms, penetrating more deeply than I thought possible, I joyfully and with a gasp accept each trigger She releases into the space I strive to open yet more widely for Her. May these triggers, now implanted firmly, strike roots, and grow, stretching the limits of my mind like a new life – which I desire more than anything to carry to term and nourish to fruition.

  4. SiseTanja (verified owner)

    Wether you’ve just met mistress Amethyst or have known her for a while this file is great for both testing and showing your submission to mistress Amethyst.

    Each day has its own unique set of tasks related to devoting yourself in some way to mistress Amethyst. You’ll learn to submit to her, obey her and follow her commands and instructions. Every day of this journet was amazing and only reminded me how much I want to submit to her.

  5. mars (verified owner)

    What a great journey it is
    It really helps me to become a better submissive. I love every day of it and it makes me happy.
    It’s real fun looking forward to the email and task every day not knowing what te expect
    but I what to obey without question.

  6. Jean (verified owner)

    What an amazing journey! This is true slave conditioning at its very best.

    You will listen to the file everyday, fall into a deep state of trance, and then read a daily email containing Mistress orders for the day. Believe me you will feel absolutely compelled to obey even if what She asks from you becomes more challenging every day. And every day you will wake up anxiously looking into your email to check whether there is a new message from your Mistress. My excitement was such that during the week I found myself waking up at 5 am several times only to look at my email, I couldn’t wait any longer with this burning desire in my body and mind.

    Every day Mistress will also encourage you to let Her know how your Journey is going on and respond to your emails with caring and loving words. She is guiding you gently and inevitably on your path towards complete obedience and servitude.

    Be ready to be intimately transformed by this experience Into a Courteous, Devoted, Grateful, Committed, and Obedient slave of Mistress Amethyst, ready to Serve.

  7. Lord Epicure (verified owner)

    The total Obedience path

    I love your wonderful programming Mistress, makes me more and more Obedient each day, and it’s blissful.
     Looking forward and excitement each daily e-mail with your daily assignment.
     The more days move forward and the more you feel the power of Mistress Amethyst spell, and you feel yourself weaker day after day.
    Each recording that i have already heard will penetrate and sink deep inside my mind.
    All conditionning will have a powerful effect on me, and i already love this feeling

  8. Bill (verified owner)

    Mistress Amethyst is simply amazing. I listened to the Journey several times a day – parts of the audio I’ve memorized! I felt an instinct to do exactly as she required in her instructions. I never could have imagined my brain would become wired to obey her as easily as I did. I was VERY enthusiastic as obeying her is so pleasurable. The more I listened, the deeper I became hypnotized! It is so true. I loved every minute of this sensual Journey. So many wonderful, positive feelings. I am Grateful for Mistress Amethyst! bill eagles

  9. Gregory (verified owner)

    Journey Into Devotion is like nothing I have ever experienced before; it is both a treat and a challenge to the submissive who wishes to follow Mistress Amethyst deeper into devotion, obedience, and blissful servitude.

    It begins with the recording, “Journey Into Devotion”, in which Mistress explains what will happen on this Journey, and takes Her devotee deep into trance to plant powerful, pleasurable compulsions to obey Her instructions over the course of the week. The file itself becomes more compelling and enjoyable with repeated listening (and repeated listening is one of the requirements), but there is so much more to it!

    Each day brings a new e-mail from Mistress Amethyst, specifying a trait She wants to emphasize, and providing instructions for Her submissive to exemplify that trait. The tasks required over the course of the week are never extreme, but encourage the Journeyer to practice the characteristics Mistress Amethyst values in Her submissive boys. Each day is different, including both mundane and erotic tasks, but even the most ordinary things become much more…rewarding when they are performed in heavenly obedience to Mistress. A sense of elation develops, and an intense anticipation of the next day’s instruction. As the week’s tasks build to their climax, Mistress Amethyst’s words become deeply meaningful: “You are always on a journey with Me” – a journey of submissive pleasure that you will want to last forever!

  10. QuietMan (verified owner)

    I consider myself extremely fortunate to be able to participate in Mistress Amethyst’s latest Journey Into Devotion. Every day we had to listen to the Journey into Devotion mp3 and some days other files. We also had to perform tasks. Some tasks were to show our devotion to her. And some were erotic. No cumming all week until the end of the week. I feel a bit like a fraud. Her tasks were so much fun and I was so anxious to do them, that I would have done them without being hypnotized. It was so exciting to get her email and see what was next. I do have to admit that listening to her file really does enhance the experience, and adds a naughty feel to it. In my opinion it is very good as a stand alone file for submission/devotion training.

    I was also extremely fortunate to have scheduled some live phone sessions with her during the week of the Journey. The sessions dovetailed nicely with the Journey and the tasks. These sessions put me into an extremely submissive frame of mind, which made the Journey even more enjoyable and effective.

    I have never had so much fun in my life. The tasks are fun and a little naughty. Lots of edging. Yum. And a very strong devotional theme to Mistress. My devotion to Mistress is now off the charts. I love my Mistress even more. I think worship is the right word for it.

    At the end of the Journey we were allowed to cum. Which felt great physically, but left me feeling a little melancholy. Kind of like Cinderella at midnight. You are in the best party ever and then all of a sudden it ends. That’s ok though. I will find my glass slippers and prepare for the next party.

    The orgasm at the end of the week was one of the best I ever had. But in all honesty that is not the most interesting thing that happened to me last week. Not even in the top 5.

    I will wait in eager anticipation for my next Journey.

    Thank you Mistress Amethyst.

  11. Charlie (verified owner)

    I totally recommend this to anyone with a hypno fetish. It’s a perfectly designed thrill ride.

  12. Tized (verified owner)

    Here’s the thing, if you’re looking for to commit and devote yourself to a Mistress, doing something like this should be mandatory. I don’t know if a lot of other hypnodommes have a 7 day program (or similar) for submissives, but Mistress Amethyst is brilliant to offer this opportunity.

    I’d been serving Mistress Amethyst for months before doing my first Journey (She offers different variations of the theme) so I kind of guessed beforehand what to expect with the daily tasks She provides, which are a lot of fun and not too demanding at all. What I couldn’t have expected was the total gradual evolution in my very existence. It’s difficult to explain but by day 6 I felt I was just connected to the whole universe. Like I was on the most fantasic drug ever created. Surrendering to a higher power, which is Mistress in this case, intensely for a week is a total spiritual journey. Because the theme of the Journey is the traits that She appreciates in a submissive, which actually are traits that everyone in the world should follow such as gratitude and courtesy, I was opened up to really feel the joy of experiencing these things profoundly. I may sound mad but I’ve been crying and laughing and feeling every possible human sensation and emotion in a very raw and powerful way. It’s absolutely cleansing. On this, the last day of my adventure, I feel like a new man.

    Diving headfirst into the joys of the Journey has also made me a way better trancer for Mistress. She now has absolute power over my subconscious and it’s all I could ever want. Giving myself to such a loving and trustworthy Mistress is a dream come true.

  13. Will Tryhard

    I won this as part of a contest and the prize turned out far better than I ever expected. Each morning started out with an Email from Mistress with some tasks for the day, which was enough to begin each day with a pleasant buzz. The tasks are sexy, but also functional as you learn the traits Mistress admires and are given the chance to exhibit those traits. Pleasing Mistress gave me more and more satisfaction as the week went on and now it seems like it flew by. I’ll be coming back for more and so will you if you give it a try.

  14. patc

    I am on the the last day of the Journey and what a Journey its been. You really get to know what traits Mistress Amethyst looks for in a submissive. You get the recording and are sent an email each morning from Mistress Amethyst, explaining a trait she looks for and tasks to complete. You also get to know each other better with the email correspondence. I would recommend it to anyone.

  15. subbernaut

    For the longest time, I had held back taking this Journey and now that it is over, I am so sorry I waited! Please do not make my mistake as this is one of those sessions which will enhance your life more than one can imagine and it will please Mistress Amethyst. This Journey is about you and developing your devotion to a most wonderful Mistress and if you follow directions exactly as laid out in the daily task, you will receive, in my opinion, a bonus as well. I do not wish to spoil what awaits those who take the Journey but know you will not be disappointed unless you disappoint Mistress Amethyst. The Journey into Devotion is a like a wonderful dream, filled with emotion and feelings from which you never want to awaken. Become what you long to be; the submissive who pleases Mistress Amethyst. Your Journey to that end begins here! Take the Journey into Devotion!! You will be so-o-o- very glad you did.

  16. Ingenio

    On this journey into devotion Mistress Amethyst will teach you how to behave in front of her (and others). Her professional skills and her silky sensual voice will take you deep down almost immediately. Then she will play with your obedient mind. On each of the seven days you have to fulfill a task, that makes you more obedient and brings you closer to her. Just think of the anticipation, when you open her e-mail message every morning. You will love it, believe me. Your arousal and your love for her will grow from day to day until you can’t think of anything else than serving her.

  17. Slave l (verified owner)

    Journey into Devotion is indeed a wonderful, amazing journey indeed!
    Mistress Amethyst’s incredibly sexy sensual voice powerfully and inescapably programs you into complete obediience to Her. Receiving the emails each morning was so exciting and such an anticipated thrill that I could hardly sllep some nights, wishing it to be morning already so that I could recieve my commands and fulfill them for Mistress Amethyst, to prove my increasing and deepening devotion to Her and to myself. Nt knowing what the commands were goping to be or where they were going to take you is such an exciting pleasure that its hard to capture in words.
    A wonderful, exciting, pleasure filled ride, not to be missed.

  18. Amethyst’s Disciple (verified owner)

    This Journey is a Must!

    “Journey Into Devotion” is an incredible program! I cannot recommend it highly enough. A quick summary of what to expect: The journey is a powerful experience where Mistress Amethyst guides you to a deep devotion to Her. She assigns tasks each day for 7 days, and each one is specially designed to bring you closer to Her. I don’t want to spoil anything, so I’ll simply say that the tasks are fun, sexy, and directed towards Her pleasure (and when She is pleased, so are you). As a Level 1 journey, the tasks are relatively simple and easy to complete. Thus, it is great for both experienced submissives and for those who are just beginning to explore their submissive nature.

    I can personally attest to the profound experience this journey offers. I feel absolutely transformed! Mistress Amethyst really takes you by the hand and guides you down the path of devotion. The journey’s personal and intimate quality allows for a deep bond to form between you and Her. Mistress makes it so easy to surrender yourself to Her. When you do, you will experience a profound happiness in serving Her and pleasing Her will fill you with incredible pleasure! I have happily submitted my mind and body to Mistress, and it feels so wonderful! “Obedience is Pleasure!”

    As a final note – this journey does take one’s active coöperation. That is, you must be prepared to actively participate in the tasks that She assigns. As with anything in life, the more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it! Dive in deep and give all of your effort, and you will be totally enraptured by Her!

  19. MaleHypnoFan

    I just finished the first leg of this never ending Journey with the alluring Mistress Amethyst. If you are attracted and even addicted to the sultry voice of this hypnotic vixen there is not a session better than this one.

    As the title says this is a journey, which I choose to define as a long and often difficult process of personal change and development. With this session I have allowed the wonderful Mistress Amethyst into my mind my body and my soul. It has allowed me to get in touch with the real me as well as through my daily affirmations by Mistress Amethyst I have realized how the qualities she finds most enduring is Gratitude in her submissive.

    Like a wise person once said, Just For Today Do Not Anger, Do Not Worry and Be Filled with gratitude. I want to thank Mistress Amethyst for the opportunity to serve her learn from her and pleasure her through my opening my mind to her sultry voice an giving of myself so completely. In conclusion this session is the most intense experience I have ever enjoyed fulfilling in my life

    Daly Tasks
    Repetitive Affirmations
    Life Changing
    Learning How To become a Desired pet

  20. Rodimus

    A Journey that must be taken if you enjoy Amethyst’s work

    While I’m only on day 5 and haven’t fully completed this Journey yet, I think I can testify to it’s quality.
    The concept itself is perfect: a programming file paired with a week’s worth of daily tasks all designed to increase one’s devotion to Mistress Amethyst. And it most certainly does that.
    Everything involved with the Journey works together to make you more devoted and submissive to Mistress Amethyst, and makes you crave more.

    Journey into Devotion is but only a single step in the longer overall journey of becoming Amethyst’s slave, and I can’t recommend it highly enough for those who wish to be in her power.


    Daily tasks to obey
    More of Amethyst’s silky voice
    Tasks of a daily nature
    Obedience and devotion programming
    Did I mention daily tasks? (Can’t ever have enough chances to obey)

  21. fetdb

    True Initiation into Obedience

    This experience could be considered Femdom therapy. I’m not talking about a roleplay scenario where a “regular” therapist ends up dominating you. No, this is real and lasting hypnotherapy, which isn’t surprising considering Mistress Amethyst’s clinical background.

    The Journey was exactly what I needed, but didn’t necessarily know I was looking for. For instance, I have a regular porn and masturbation habit. I knew my habit was destructive, and keeping me from making connections and opening my heart to others. This session allowed me to see what was possible when I got control of that. I was able to channel the energy and time that would have been wasted on my bad habit into making a deep connection to a wonderful, sensuous and caring Mistress.

    Previously my regular side and submissive selves were bifurcated. Neither was complete, and there was a constant “battle” between the two. With this Journey that is no longer that case. I am now completely comfortable in my obedience and submission to Mistress Amethyst without feeling that I must hide it from myself. My submission may be a secret part of my normal life, but it is in no way secondary. It is simply a part of who I am.

    This is a life changing experience, and you will get as much out of it as you put into it. You will receive personalized responses to your completion of tasks. Your devotion and obedience to pleasing Mistress Amethyst will be repaid in her recognition and approval of your efforts, and it will feel amazing.

    I am so glad that I signed up for this experience and can not recommend it enough. Sign up for this before it’s too late!

  22. Tully Mars

    Fabulous Journey

    i am SOOOOO glad i joined Mistress Amethyst’s “Journey Into Devotion” It has taught me to think not just about myself and put the pleasure of Mistress Amethyst FIRST. I learned how best to serve Her. The week of my “Journey Into Devotion” was filled with tasks each day which intensified my devotion to Her.

    Mistress guided me through the tasks with her velvety hypnotic voice. There is much more to Mistress Amethyst though than just her voice. She makes me feel wanted, is oh so very positive and produces a feeling of euphoria in my mind and body.

    I am in a much better place after submitting to and obeying Mistress Amethyst. i have become a much better person not just to Mistress Amethyst, but to those around me as well.
    I recommend “Journey Into Devotion” to everyone! It can be summed up in three words: Obedience Is Pleasure!

    As noted in the description, this was a Level 1 experience. i can’t wait to do the Level 2 Journey!



  23. Tleilax

    another must have

    just the best hypno concept ever:

    The file is perfectly made and totally addictive trust me. Mistress Amethyst use all of Her hypno talent to take you deeper than you’ve ever been changing your weak mind into nothing else but obedience and total devotion…

    Then you get the emails and task to do every day that’s the best part it’s like opening your Christmas gift every morning not knowing what you’ll get but so exited 🙂

    Thank You Mistress for providing such amazing hypno work

  24. Eric777

    A sweet path to submission

    This is so much more than another amazing session of Mistress Amethys! This is an incredible journey, lasting an entire week where you will find yourself bond to her more and more every single passing day. This is an interactive session where every day you must show your submission to Mistress Amethyst completing different tasks. Each day you’ll find yourself thrilled with pleasure waiting for instructions and aching to complete every single task she gives you! This is an awesome experience, so erotic and teasing you’ll find yourself unable to think about something else!! Take the journey and bond yourself to Mistress Amethyst! Nothing else will ever feel so good!


    It’s an amazing experience! Different from anything else!

  25. PS thomas

    Know thy self, know thy Mistress

    Journeys like these with your prospective Mistress are a wonderful way to explore not only the depth of your commitment, but also learn a lot about your Mistress. The daily interaction and assignments required offer insights into what Mistress Amethyst expects from Her subs as well as a peek into what She enjoys. i honestly cannot think of a better way to get to know Mistress Amethyst and find out if the match is right for you.

  26. subzillah

    A Worthwhile Journey

    As many have stated, this is more than just another recording. This exercise is about following through on commitments, devotion, obedience, and also working on character traits such as gratitude and courtesy. Not just to Mistress Amethyst but to others in our daily lives as well. What kind of person am I? Am I worthy to serve? I really didn’t know where this was going to go when my Journey began. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to follow through on some of the tasks but I did them all and there was nothing asked of me that would have interfered with my daily life. The tasks became part of my life.

    I have always been the type to have one foot in and one foot out when it came to things like this. Always doubting myself… I don’t know if it is fear or what but I felt very comfortable with Mistress Amethyst. She does that. I don’t know how but she does that to me. I surrendered and took the plunge and that is something that I would recommend to anyone who is not quite sure if they belong. Take this Journey Into Devotion with Mistress Amethyst and find out for yourself.

    As far as I’m concerned this Journey has only just begun. It isn’t ending on this 7th day.

  27. tinsywinky

    A state of mind. A mind of change. A change of state.

    When saw Journey Into Devotion, I instinctively new this was something special. This was not just a hypnotic recording, but a chance to interact with Mistress Amethyst as part of a journey for a full week as part of a hypnotic reality. Mistress Amethyst stepped into my mind and walked around in there, and sometimes more than that x x x x.

    This is a level 1 journey (more to come), useful for beginners, as it is guiding and nurturing. But you will have no doubt of Mistress Amethyst’s dominance and anyone can really enjoy this journey.

    After 7 days, is it an end, or a beginning?

  28. cm3fan

    Take the Journey with Amethyst

    i just finished the Journey into Devotion. It is an amazing experience provided by an amazing Mistress. She demands complete obedience and execution and the days get progressively more difficult. However, Her encouragement and belief in You only reinforce your devotion and wanting to do everything to please Her. you will be challenged but the challenge is worth it for the reward that awaits which is a greater connection to Her and deepening Your submissiveness. She has put together a wonderful program that slowly ensnares you in Her web and before you know it You have happily handed Your mind over to Her.

    i also want to note that if You are looking for a Hypnodomme who knows what She is doing, is warm yet forceful, and most importantly respects Her submissives then Mistress Amethyst is for you.


    A strong, focused program that will deepen Your trances and submissiveness.

  29. origamisoldier

    The Journey into Devotion Changed My Life

    The Journey into Devotion is so much more than another great session from Amethyst and some tasks to complete. It is an exercise in real obedience to a wonderful Mistress and a fantastic way to explore your submissive side! Each day Mistress Amethyst will send you an email that will teach you one of the traits she values in a submissive, and gives you the opportunity to experience how that trait can please her. The connection you will be able to build with Mistress Amethyst is real, as she sends real responses to your actions, and not just pre-written “Oh, I’m so pleased my pet” responses. The satisfaction and pleasure is real (both hers and yours), as you will know that you were able to please Mistress Amethyst with these traits. Please note the use of the word devotion in the title. While the lessons learned here are good for any submissive to know, this journey is just as much about devotion to Mistress Amethyst. But with a Mistress as amazing as Amethyst, why wouldn’t you want that? For me personally, the Journey into Devotion really did change my life. It brought out and caused me to embrace my submissive nature in a way I never thought possible. I had been hiding out behind the scenes for years, but because of Mistress Amethyst, I emerged from my cave of solace with a desire to serve and please her beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I am so proud to call Amethyst my Mistress, and I am devoted to her through this journey! I look forward to more journeys with her in the future, as she continues to shape my submissive mind for her pleasure. Take the plunge and embark on the journey with Amethyst. It may just change your life as well!


    build a powerful connection to Mistress Amethyst; embrace your submissive side, and become a better submissive; absolute obedience is absolute bliss;

  30. guyinatrance

    Journey Into Pleasure

    Mistress Amethyst had me willingly & eagerly submitting to Her will & whims during Her 7 day Journey Into Devotion. Like never before, i surrendered to & even embraced Her wishes. Yes, Her desires became my desires and pleasure always followed when i obeyed Her. i am Courteous, Devoted, Grateful, Committed, Obedient to and Serve Mistress Amethyst and i bet that there are many others who also proclaim the very same exact sentiment. It will be my pleasure to take another Journey Into Devotion to Mistress Amethyst whenever She so desires. It is not too late to start on your Journey and i bet you will enjoy it very much if you do decide to surrender to the bliss that Mistress Amethyst will provide.


    A Most Powerful & Skilled HypnoDomme with an Exceptionally Lovely Voice uses several hypnotic techniques to deliver the ultimate in erotic pleasure

  31. Shloomien

    Walk the path with a Wonderful Mistress, and devote yourself to her forever

    This is more than just another recording from the most beautiful Mistress – it is a journey that will bind you to her deeply, delightfully, deliciously. The cycle of falling under her spell, then carrying out her commands, will spiral over and over within the very core of your being, until you are completely hers. True pleasure and joy will seep through every fibre of your being when you do, as you build towards an ecstatic climax for Mistress Amethyst. Come, devote yourself to the best.

  32. Jaxx

    Devotion to an Enchanting, Mermerizing, Hypnotic, Sensual Goddess is easy.

    Although this is a Journey that I have been on for a while, having something as profound as this to guide my way and give me purpose and direction is incredible. There is no doubt that Miss Amethyst has the most sensual, seductive and slightly wicked voice I have ever heard. Allowing me the pleasure to enhance my Devotion to Her is an incredible feeling! She demands absolute Obedience which I gladly give. I have been on the Journey to Devotion for several days now, and even though some of the tasks were difficult, the thought of being disobedient forced me to succeed and strengthen my Devotion to Miss Amethyst. In this file she guides you into a wonderfully deep trance, she enhances the response to Her trigger and you have no choice but succumb. Miss Amethyst has you take a very heartfelt and inspiring vow that ensures your Obedience to Her. Obedience is Blissful Pleasure. You will have to listen yourself to fully understand how powerful the connection is that you feel with Miss Amethyst. The last thing I would want right now is to have Miss Amethyst disappointed in me in any way. This is a Journey that I think all should take, as you will benefit from Miss Amethyst’s guidance, demanding of Obedience and just the person that is Miss Amethyst. Miss Amethyst has made me a better person as well as eternally Devoted to Her.


    Obedience is Bliss. Soothing hypnotic voice, sensual, Devotion to serve and better yourself. Just Miss Amethyst.

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