Silly Nipple Play

Silly Nipple Play


Deep Silly trigger trance where your sissy nipples will become oh so sensitive. The more you pinch them the more you giggle w/ pleasure FemDom Feminization

33 minutes

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Rub & Squeeze… and get lost in the SILLY sissy pleasure

Wouldn’t you love to have large, round boobs like mine?  They’re just what a SILLY sissy like you would love to have;  nice, deep cleavage;  round firm breasts with very pleasurably sensitive nipples.

I’m going to guide you down into a deep trance, where your nipples will become oh, so sensitive.  Those horny, sissy nipples are going to become so pleasure sensitive every time you pinch them.  It will feel like a bolt of arousal shooting down your spine, right into your sexy sissy clitty.  It’s going to feel so good you’ll just gasp and giggle.

After all, a horny silly, bimbo like you, who loves to play with their clitty, just can’t stop giggling when you get so turned on.

Pinch them and feel the pleasure.  Mmm  Yes… and every time, your giggly brain just goes blank.


  • Silly Trigger
  • Multi voice track programming / Layered voice tracks
  • Awakening:  Post hypnotic suggestion to awaken after pleasure peaks
  • Cum Command:  Yes, through post hypnotic suggestion
  • 33 Minutes
  • For BEST results, please listen to my FREE file:  Insatiably Silly

Erotic Hypnosis & FemDom Hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst of Copyright 2016. 

FemDom Erotic Bimbofication & Sissification hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst to render you mindless under her control.

NOT available for personalization.


  1. Beau (verified owner)

    I have had this session in my library for a while now, but have been short of opportunities to indulge in a trance that was likely to involve considerable, er, cleanup; in addition, I am only occasionally in the mood to dabble in sissy territory.

    I had no idea what I was missing!

    The induction here involves some visualization of Mistress Amethyst’s eyes and other attractive qualities 😉 and plenty of pretending, in case visualization isn’t your strong suit. Between this and the strategically-dropped triggers (Insatiably Silly is highly recommended, both as prep for this session and for its own marvelous sake) blissful trance soon envelops mind and body alike. Then the fun really started, as Mistress guides her hypnotized pet through visualizing round, full breasts with oh-so-sensitive nipples, growing more sensitive as all thought melts away, in a spiral of deepening pleasure and giggly mindlessness
    and oh-yes-Mistress-fill-my-head-with-whatever-pleases-You and… well, you get the idea.
    Mistress Amethyst weaves such a wonderful spell in this session, anyone can enjoy some sissy time – after all, if it pleases Mistress…:-)

  2. blank (verified owner)

    Practice and pretend makes perfect! Mistress Amethyst often says to pretend to obey Her suggestions while listening to Her trances, because She knows that it’s a sneaky and fun way to get our minds to obey. “It’s only pretending, so it’s ok if i obey now. i’m just pretending!” Of course. What could happen?

    i also don’t usually listen to sissy recordings. However, nipples and mindlessness are two (or three?) of my most favorite things, so i knew i wanted this file just from the title and the cover photo.

    as i listened, i found myself giggling and moaning and sighing in happy brainless pleasure. i don’t usually giggle. But it felt so perfect. And i didn’t need to think about obeying Mistress’s suggestions, because She said it was ok to just pretend and imagine, so giggling was perfectly ok. Everything was ok. my nipples were tingling all the way through my body, and that was definitely ok.

    Then there was more giggling and letting the mind go blank and more pleasure and eventually waking up and feeling wonderful. And it was just in my imagination, so it was all perfectly fine, wasn’t it? Of course it was.

    i know this is rather rambling for a review, but it felt so good and happy and hot and giggly that i wanted to let you know that you should try this file and enjoy it for yourself. And to let Mistress Amethyst know what a wonderful file this is!

    (also, you should be careful if you test-listen to hypnotic files while you’re in a grocery store, but that’s another story altogether…)

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