SLIP Into Mindless Stroking
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SLIP Into Mindless Stroking



Erotic hypnosis for mindless stroking under the control of Mistress Amethyst. FemDom hypnosis using imagery of swaying pocket watch, JOI guided masturbation

31 minutes


This FemDom mindless JOI (Jerk Off Instruction) file is all about entertaining Mistress Amethyst.

I love when my boys can fulfill a kink for me!  If you buy this recording and comply with the instructions exactly as I say, you will be fulfilling my kink, and that excites the hell out of me!!

In SLIP Into Mindless Stroking, I call for you because I’m in the mood for some erotic entertainment.  I guide you into a wonderful state of mindless trance for the purpose of giving you some sexy tasks.  All of these tasks have something to do with an expressionless face, hazy gaze at a swinging pocket watch, masturbation instructions, and a mindless orgasm command.


Blank stare

Expressionless face

Obedient stroking

Gazing upon my pocket watch as I swing it back….. & forth

Mindless hazy-eyed orgasm upon my command

Just typing out this description gets Mistress aroused.  Mmmm Yummy.  I love an obedient mindless boy who drops into a zombie-like state during masturbation, that even an orgasm can’t break him from his fixed, mesmerized gaze.

If you purchase this file, you absolutely must e-mail me and tell me what a good mindless boy you were while listening to this file.  It will certainly excite me very much!

For best results, please listen to my FREE file:  SLIP Into Mindlessness


  • 10-1 Countdown during the Induction
  • SLIP Trigger
  • Layered voice tracks
  • Cum Command:  Yes
  • Count up at the end
  • 31 Minutes

Erotic Hypnosis & FemDom Hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst of Copyright 2015. 


  1. Lord Epicure

    Submited to all kinkiest Mistress desires

    The slip trigger at its best !!!

    I have never my mind so deep and Obedient.
    Completly obedient, blank mind, lead by Mistress Amethyst commands.
    Time has lost for me, deep into a wide inner space with only Mistress Amethyst voice.
    Submited, aroused only by Mistress commands and so obedient to every tasks she gives to me. I don’t remember exactly all the task, but the last one blasted my mind.
    Under Mistress count up, I woke up after an orgasmic tornado swept all my body.
    Mistress Amethyst has such great and true power over me.
    I will do anything Mistress Amethyst ask of me ! I will surrender my will to Mistress Amethyst !
    Thank you Mistress

  2. guyinatrance (verified owner)

    Pleasure, hypnotic pleasure, mindgasmic pleasure, erotic pleasure, orgasmic pleasure, DOMINATION pleasure, obedient pleasure, mindless pleasure, submissive pleasure, exploding erupting ejaculating pleasure! Pleasure beyond description! Personalization pleasure! SLIP Into Mindless Stroking is all of that & 1,000 times beyond your imagination!

  3. guyinatrance (verified owner)

    Mistress Amethyst has prepared a FREE, decadent taste of just what your open & eager submissive mind needs! SLIP Into Mindlessness will quench your thirst for FemDom Erotic Hypnosis! Take a safe & relaxing journey into the deep & erotic trance that you crave, that you thirst for! Let Her satisfy your thirsty mind’s need for deep pleasurable orgasmic trance! Slip down the steep long water slide of orgasmic trance that Mistress Amethyst provides for FREE! Try a FREE sample of sweet sexy decadent tasting trance! It is a 40 minute FREE meal that will fulfill your daily requirement of erotic hypnosis that you need, that your mind requires, &thirsts for! Satisfy your craving for erotic trance! The only thing you have to lose is a troubled over stressed mind! Let the cool waterfall of relaxing pleasurable trance wash over you & take you to a heart pumping erotic, arousing lake where your mind can soak in orgasmic bliss! Absorb the erotic liquid your submissive mind thirsts for! It is just what your horny weak mind yearns for! Let Mistress Amethyst trigger the orgasmic pleasure you crave! Begin your journey & slip down into a most intense erotic slide into submissive trance! This is the first of a deliciously decadent deep series of FemDom fetish feeding mind blowing trance triggering inductions!
    An intensely erotic hypnotic triggering trance, primed to slip under a most erotic trance, becum a panting pleasure programmable puddle of submissiveness!
    long, slow induction, triple voice programming, 10-1 countdown, SLIP trigger, deep theta brainwave technology on very low volume, soft soothing music.

    FemDom Erotic Hypnosis,deep trance,pleasure,spell,witchcraft

  4. Rodimus

    Mistress Amethyst has this uncanny ability to release files that are basically one my fantasies in audio form. I don’t know how she does it and she’s done it yet again. When creating SLIP into Mindless Stroking, it’s like she strolled through my mind, taking samples from various places and blending them together into this file. I found it astoundingly hot and sexy.

    If you like being mindlessness, a swinging watch, and stroking at Mistress’ command, you’ll love SLIP into Mindless Stroking. I don’t know who wouldn’t love that.

    I always say it when appropriate but definitely go for the personalization on this file if you can. Especially on this file. Mindlessly stroking while Mistress speaks to you by name in the background… can’t be beat.

  5. Anothertoy

    P90X 12: Biceps, Forearms, and Shaft: I know I can’t be the only one that feels that they’re floating in space, naked with arms and legs wide when they listen to Amethyst. I can’t be. It’s not like it matters what She’s saying, i just want to nod and smile… and obey. Her voice is like an IV drip into my brain, with every word another drip.. drip… drip. I’ve only listened to this once, but I know it will be a staple for weeks or months to come. Listening to Her is like watching a really good movie on IMAX 3D, only way better. I will say that you should do P90X 04: Yoga before you listen to this to avoid injury. 😉

  6. Sheleeds

    Males Must Mindlessly Masturbate for Mistress’s ‘Musement

    In my mind, Slip Into Mindless Stroking is undoubtedly the most amazing recording yet from the incomparable Mistress Amethyst. Mistress uses the “good boy” trigger effectively in a conversational induction with countdown to take you deep. Then to your surprise the SLIP trigger takes you even deeper. In this state you must obey Mistress’s commands to undertake 5 tasks designed to amuse HER, involving a swinging pocket-watch, powerful erection, grasping and holding, stroking faster and harder, and, finally, you know what you must do in “task 5”. Mistress is aroused by the mindless look on your face as you obey her, even as her own arousal grows to its climax. You are left to clean up the mess….the BIG mess! This is the session you MUST experience.


    The “good boy” trigger is used to powerful effect, especially for those with experience of the Good Boy Loop.
    The SLIP trigger does its job well. I recommend listening to Slip Into Mindlessness several times before enjoying this recording.
    The open-mouthed, mindless look Mistress sculpts then leaves on her slave’s face emphasizes your experience of helpless obedience.
    What a climax to give Mistress such amusement and pleasure!

  7. Tized

    Even knowing the creativity of Mistress Amethyst She still often manages to truly surprise. This session plays with the idea of trancing with your eyes open and the execution of it turns out working incredibly effectively at least for me.

    Mistress is very open about Her kinks and here She presents one of Her biggest turn-ons: having a hypnotized man masturbate in front of Her totally mindless and expressionless with a blank stare. As a submissive hypnofetishist I naturally find this fantasy extremely arousing and even more so knowing that Mistress feels the same way. So that’s a win-win right there.

    The way She pulls the open-eyed trance off so fantasically is using the SLIP trigger that She introduced not such a long time ago. The trigger does render you blank and mindless after an intense and seductive initial induction. When you’re ‘gone’ you’re instructed to open your eyes and look at Mistress’ swinging pocket watch. I really do see the watch there in the room with me. It’s totally mind-blowing. Then you’re instructed to do other stuff…And in the end you’re left with your hand covered in cum, eyes maybe watering, wondering what happened.

    Looking at an imaginary pocket watch with my eyes open seems to take me even deeper than usual. It’s quite strange and absolutely wonderful. I congratulate Mistress for coming up with this amazing idea. The session is totally different from anything I’ve experienced before and I know I’m going to be doing it over and over again. It’s definitely one of the all-time hottest FemDom hypnosis files.

    Oh yeah, I had this personalized with a special intro message by Mistress that’s so steamy I could easily just masturbate to it all day. I highly recommend getting any form of personalization for Her files, always. You don’t know what you’re missing until you try it out.

  8. Subtle

    “Slip into Mindless Stroking” is easily one of the best erotic hypnosis sessions I’ve ever listened to. I’ve been listening to erotic hypnosis for the last few years from a lot of various artists, and Mistress Amethyst has such a silky delivery that you will swear her voice was destined to do exactly this. Add that audio clarity and effects is OUTSTANDING: it’s what a Siren’s voice must’ve sounded like x10.

    Note: You should listen to “Slip into Mindlessness” for free on Mistress Amethyst’s site: before listening to this file since it amplifies the effect.

    But let’s get to the content. Hearing that “Slip” trigger was like being knocked out. It was like I saw stars before becoming unconscious. I was already relaxed and falling into trance, but that trigger was like an anchor taking me DEEEEEEEEEP.

    And then, the file brings you up just enough to open your eyes, but there isn’t a thought behind them [I wonder how brainless I must have looked]. I became SOOOOOOOOOO mindless and blank, I had no idea how hard I even was until I was given an order to grab my cock. I remember staring at the ceiling, and can’t tell you a single thought about it. I know I came way too early (like right around the time Mistress Amethyst began to sigh and moan….that seems to always get me) but continued to stroke as if it never happened…..I don’t think I could if I had wanted to.

    I don’t think any other MP3 ever got me SO oblivious to anything other than the hypnodomme’s voice. It is an experience that words just don’t do justice. You HAVE to get this file!


    Mindlessness/Blankness; Jerk off Instruction; open eyed trance;

  9. Darth

    I have never been able to trance with opened eyes for the simple reason that you can see all sorts of distractions, losing focus and it just simply feels…awake and out of trance.

    Until now. For mistress to take me so deep that all of the above doesn’t apply, to trick my brain to see what she wants me to see whether my eyes are open or shut, to make my mind trance and sleep and obey in any condition my eyes and body are, is simply an amazing feeling. No, an amazingly arousing feeling. The “slip” series are incredibly effective and this session is, for me, the absolute proof of it. When I listen to them, my control is really slipping towards Mistress and I love it.

  10. Quietman (from

    This file is like being run over by a purple truck. It is exactly as advertised. Read the description.

    That is what will happen. The surprise is how little control you will have. You will have no choice, but to mindlessly stroke. I would recommend listening to the other files first especially Slip into Mindlessness, which is free. You will have better results. Trancing with your eyes open is weird. Very surreal experience. I have always enjoyed fractionation, but this takes opening your eyes to a new level.

    If you want to experience what it is like to be a zombie, this is your file. It is almost like an out of body experience. Like you are watching a movie. Such delicious control. mmmmmm. If you are into robot type trances, I think you would also enjoy this one. Amethyst shows a really deft hand in how she has built her SLIP series. Obviously a lot of thought and planning went into this file and the entire series. More please, Mistress Amethyst. Thank you. 🙂

    Great for experiencing what it is like to be a zombie or robot. Very interesting to trance with eyes open.

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