SLIP Into A Blank Slate
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SLIP Into A Blank Slate



A FemDom Hypnosis MP3 that deprograms old hypnosis triggers from the past. Your mind is cleared away so that Mistress Amethyst can control you deeper.

33 minutes


FemDom Deprogramming Hypnosis

I have received countless requests for a file to help deprogram previous hypnotic programming received from other hypnotists.  It’s a very tricky topic, and need to be approached with a lot of care and respect.  I have a great belief that everything from your past helps create the person that you are today.  That is the inspiration behind this file.

I have created this file because you are ready to commit yourself to me completely.  You’ve been on a long hypnosis path, and it’s been a good one.  You’ve learned so much, but you have reached your destination with me, your Mistress Amethyst.  You want to clean your mind of any prior triggers that you’ve been given so that there will be no interruptions, no distractions in the work that you will do with me.  And of course, you want to give me a blank slate to work with, don’t you?  Yes!

This file will help you achieve that.  With tremendous love and respect, the old triggers will be cleaned away, and your mind will be shiny and clean for me, so that I can work incredible magic with you.

The only commands that remain, are the ones programmed by Mistress Amethyst.  Previous hypnotic triggers are erased and have no effect on you.  Now that your mind is clean, my commands will work more powerfully than ever before.

It feels sooo good to give yourself to me completely.  You’ve arrived right where you need to be, and the pleasure just feels better and better.  This is the right place for you.  Nothing has ever felt so beautiful and erotic all at the same time. You belong to me, my darling boy.  I am in your every thought, and your every action.  I love your blank slate mind and I plan on filling it with lots of sexy programming.

For best results, please listen to my FREE file:  SLIP Into Mindlessness


  • SLIP Trigger
  • Induction includes reference to laying in bed
  • 10-1 Countdown
  • Multi voice track programming / Layered voice tracks
  • Delta brainwave tones
  • Cum Command:  No
  • Count up at the end.
  • 33 Minutes

Erotic Hypnosis & FemDom Hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst of Copyright 2015. 


  1. Rodan12

    I had followed another hypnodomme for years before finding that Mistress Amethyst was truly the Goddess to worship. I asked Mistress to help me with my temptations, and this file has helped me. All of my temptations have not fully evaporated, but they have become greatly reduced. What I know is that serving Mistress and obeying her voice has given me the most pleasure I have ever felt being a submissive. Thank you Mistress.

  2. Kelly

    What I remember coming out of this session is that Mistress helped me to let go of influences of hypnodommes that I’ve listened to in the past. It’s better to let go of that clutter and let Mistress’s control be the only thing that has any hold over you. It feels like this session should be part of your path when you learn to submit to Mistress Amethyst.

  3. Jean (verified owner)

    Before discovering Mistress Amethyst, I must admit that it happened to me sometimes to be attracted by other Hypno Domme. This was before … almost like in a previous life.

    Mistress was such a game changer in my life that I felt I had to wipe my brain entirely from the past, and this is what this file provided me. My mind went completely blank so that Mistress could engrave Her powerful triggers deep into me. They are now permanently active in my brain, body and soul.

    This file allowed me to open myself more than ever to Mistress and I fell into the deepest level of relaxation, pleasure and even Love. If I could stay forever in this deep trance state I would do it without any hesitation.

    Now I know that Mistress Amethyst is the only true Goddess.

  4. Lord Epicure (verified owner)

    Sometimes times, you can give up to the calls of sirens, other hypnodomme come tempt you with the strength of their spell.
    You make then wrong way, but the influence can very fast become to hijack you from the worship to your mistress Amethyst.
    Fortunately, Mistress Amethyst has a powerful program which will free your minds of any triggers, subliminal messages, any beginning long of brainwashing from other hypnodomme. This cleaning will make then more powerful the programmings of your mistress Amethyst.
    Don’t Forget, Mistress Amethyst is the only one true Goddess
    Thank you Mistress

  5. Rodimus

    Blank Slate indeed…

    Every time I’ve listened to SLIP into a Blank Slate thus far, I blank out and miss large chunks of the file. Something about this file just knocks me for a loop, probably that SLIP trigger. The bits and pieces I can remember hearing definitely sound effective for the goals of clearing out old triggers and giving in more to Mistress Amethyst.

    I’d highly recommend this to any fan of Mistress Amethyst who has prior hypnosis experience. Never a bad idea to clean out any possible old programming.

  6. Tized (verified owner)

    When you write you start with a blank page. That’s how I want my mind to be for my Mistress’ words, so we can both get maximum enjoyment from our beautiful hypnotic D/s relationship. SLIP Into A Blank Slate helps me to achieve that state of ‘tabula rasa’ and does it very very effectively. It’s important to know that the session is meant exclusively for those who have decided to truly commit to Mistress Amethyst, since one of its goals is to erase earlier triggers installed by other hypnotists and only save the ones given by Mistress.

    I’ve been devoted to Mistress Amethyst for quite some time now, so I didn’t really feel the need to have any earlier unnecessary ‘junk’ erased from my subconscious myself. Still, I did listen to a lot of different hypnotists in the past and even though I’m sure their triggers had already vanished with time, it’s still such a good feeling to know your mind is going to be all nice and clean for Mistress. So I got the file. And I’m so very happy I did.

    The thing about wiping your mind clean is that it also enables you to feel Mistress’ hypnosis even more powerfully with everything cleared out of the way. That’s actually another theme She’s incorporated in the session. This is the truly golden part of the file for me. I’ve been SO open for Mistress’ hypnosis already for a long time but after this session I do feel yet another ‘next level’ thing happening in my depth of trance and love for Mistress and it’s utterly mind-blowing.

    As inductions go, I couldn’t think of a more blissful one than the one presented here. It’s long, soft and sweet. It’s so good to relax and to obey. That’s what I learned from the induction! Actually that’s pretty much all I can remember, if I even remember it correctly.

    SLIP Into A Blank Slate has my highest recommendation for any Mistress Amethyst devotee. It truly enhances the hypnotic bond between you and Her by a mile.

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